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03154: Lorelei, Dryad


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She doesn't read much like wood when I look at her, more like a tanned skin tone, for most of her.  Her butt and back do look more like wood to me though.  Having said that, she looks really good IMHO!



Maybe it is the light or the photography but I dont get much woodness from her either.. Maybe you could try adding some wood grain lines, or cascaded shading to create a similar effect.. But otherwise, very well done paint job.



Nice job!


I agree with Volksfest, a bit of grain lines would make her look more like wood.


She does like good though, I like her as is.



I think I said I made her look like wood to cover for some of the roughness in the paint in spots, like her right knee. But probably nobody would have noticed that had I not just pointed it out now.


I really must get around to setting up a better photo booth. this styrofoam packing corner is good enough for the WIPs, but kind of cruddy for the Show-Off. I had been using a sheet of dark gray art paper with a gentle bend in it but the way I had it mounted proved awkward and unstable.

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