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Rob Dean

Old School Minifigs Elves and Woodlouse

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I'm digging into my Old School collection this weekend, with this batch of old Minifigs. I have the rather odd VFW19, armored woodlouse (aka sow bug), and a group of 18 elves from the Mythical Earth range. I believe the MEs were the first commercial fantasy range. They're certainly where my collection started back in 1974. 8 more to finish, still on sticks in the back, 6 down so far this weekend, and 4 from a previous session. After that, I have to decide how to base them, probably for use routinely with Dragon Rampant.

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I finished up the remaining elves yesterday and this morning. Now it's on to basing. Here are my options:




Option 1 here is my usual scheme; 6-8 figures on a 60mm square base. Since I have 18, it looks like six by three.




Option 2 would be to split the 60mm square bases into 2 60mm by 30mm bases.




Option 3 would be to group them on round bases. Here they are seen with six of the archers on two larger bases for use as a Dragon Rampant scout/skirmishes unit, with the other four being a Dragon Rampant light infantry/ mixed weapons unit. That would still allow them to be swapped a bit to make a six man elite unit and a twelve man bow unit.



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These are great Rob! Beautiful, delicious old school!


Thanks!  I don't know if I got as far as mentioning it here on the Reaper Forums, but I picked up a large batch of never-painted Minifigs ME and SS range (mostly Conan-esque) in November.  I haven't quite decided what to do with the SSs, but the MEs have put me within reach of assembling little Dragon Rampant armies of Gondor (with some Rohirrim horse) and Mordor.  


The Mythical Earth figures were my earliest fantasy figures, so I have been attempting to collect the whole range (and I'm down to one catalog number missing), but I didn't expect to stumble into a cache of them large enough to form armies again.


The elves here were from a couple of eBay lots; I don't know whether they will ever have reinforcements, so that has some bearing on my basing deliberation.

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If you are going to multibase these guys for Dragon rampant, you could consider putting a dice frame on each base to keep track of hits.  Or on just one base per unit, I guess.


One per unit would be enough, I think.  What I have typically been using, though, are these number wheels that I got from Litko.  They aren't currently available, however, having been sold as an experiment.



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After much delay, I finally applied the clear coat to these figures yesterday...


as you can see, I ended up splitting the difference on the elves; the king and bodyguards got a distinctive round stand, and everyone else went on half-bases (30x60 instead of the usual 60x60). I've acquired another lot of 18 more (to my surprise), so it looks like I'll end up with two units of twelve, one of six, the command stand, and three reserved as individuals when I'm done with them; I haven't started stripping the paint yet, so that's still some way off.



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