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Hosercanadian paints Cinder

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Something I haven't done on the forum before is actually do a WIP that shows me working through the stages on a model.  So, to hopefully get my advice and motivation, I will document my progress on Cinder.


As I am normally focused mostly on table-top quality, and rushing through things, this will be a big change for me.


Any advice or criticism appreciated.


Today I have the first layers done.  I am going more for a black and purple dragon (think Disney's Sleeping Beauty).  The scales will be highlighted with dark purples to still read black but be unified, while the belly and wing membranes will be purple.  The first base coat of black/purple has been laid down but my poor photography and really subtle transition are lost in the photos.




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Interesting, I like the color you're going for, it will change from the traditional reddish color. I painted a metal version of Cinder some time ago. I can tell you it's a good thing you didn't glue the wings yet. It will be much easier to paint them if they're lying flat. It's a little more work to patch the gaps after but if you are careful and don't put too much glue to avoid leaks on the painted area, you should be fine.

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Metalchaos, your Cinder was part of the reason I chose this dragon in Bones 2.  I really like the subtle blending you did that has the colour gradually change through-out the dragon.  I won't pretend I can get such a polished result.


I did find a bit of brush time this evening and I have started the first blending of the wings.  Or rather, gradual glazing to a blend to be honest.  I took this picture of the second wing as it shows the paint still wet in one part (to see the pigment I am using while wet) and the dry result.  Already it has a subtle transitional shift in light that I am happy with.  Only 28 or so more sessions to get to a pale purple.  :blink:



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You're up for a great start. Cinder was a pure delight to paint, that sculpt is magic, I'm happy you enjoyed my version. I just had a look at my wip, that was such a journey.

Ok, so before I get to far back in my memories, you may have problems painting the mouth interior so I suggest you should apply at least the base coat in the back of the mouth before going to far with the rest of the head.

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