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Half Orc - 1984


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If anybody knows what line this miniature is from, please let me know. I think it was on his base bottom, but I forgot. I just remember it saying 1984. I would think Grenadier, but I don't believe that is what it said.


This was a request from a local friend I made. He has lots of older models, but surprisingly turn out nicer than expected once painted.














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I like the NMM on the sword and the color of the hair.
BlazingTornado is right, it's a Barbarian Warlord with Great Sword from Iron Wind Metal.

It was also sold as a Barbarian Fighter with Tow-handed Sword by Ral Partha.

But, what's puzzling me is the resemblance with another model I own which has the same posture with diffrent axe and looks more like Conan.



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