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77230: Ankheg : Hellbug

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I agree with the multi colored lupine fellow above me. I was going to say I really dig that rusty red but he beat me to it! I still like it though!

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my players were impressed as well.  They dispatched this beast handily, and its flying friend (chasmene figure) 

then nearly got eaten alive by kobolds. 

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The red between the scales really makes this figure!


I know i am too late to the party as he is already dead, but you asked for advice on what to fix -


The white pincers and claws make the mini look unfinished - something else here - deep yellow perhaps - or call back to the red between the scales


green eyes are cool, but lack depth - you might try darker green around the outside and then maybe a transparent green over the whole thing


those two things would make the mini a LOT scarrier

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Very nice paintjob; looks like a proper hell-bug to me.

I agree with kitenerd.

I can't tell for certain, but is there primer/bones material showing through in a few spots? (near the claw on the bottom left arm for one)

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I changed the eyes patched some white spots, and intensified the red.  I also added a brown wash to the claws, and added a tan transition (not very visible from pictures) 




Edited by Evilhalfling
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