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Joeliyn the Blade Sister

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This is early days for you, yes? 


This is a good, clean paint job with distinct areas of clear color. 


Good job on the eyes.  They are often the bane of even experienced painters.  And yes, half-eyes are extra tricky, so well done.

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Welcome to the forums.


This one looks great!


A freehand, eyes, very well done!


As for your struggle with blond hair. You could try out the Reaper Blond Hair Triad.


I usually paint a light brown and then go over it with a beige yellow. Highlight up to white.

I have to admit I have started using the triad myself and it works well.

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The stripes at the hem of the cloak? Clear defined eyes.. And overall very tidy brush work? Yep, I love your work. Practice some shading, layering and/or feathering to reach the next level and we will see wonders from you. That I am sure! :)

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    • By kristof65
      Last year/this spring I painted up a force for myself based on the kingdom of Dalend in my role-playing setting of Iskitaan.  When I went to use that force recently for a game of Song of Blades and Heroes, I realized I had no mages. 

      This, of course, required a shopping trip to the Reaper website, where I picked out these two:

      So why is this in the sculpting section?  Well, that's because I've got a "simple" conversion planned, and I'm hoping to get the thoughts on the best way to go about it from a couple of the pros around here. 

      The theme of my Dalend force is that they all have capes and shields, like these two:

      While these mages have capes, they don't have shields upon which to put the tower symbol.  So I am going to incorporate the tower by sculpting it in 3d on the top of each staff. 

      So here is how I think I'm going to do them, unless someone has a better idea/sees problems/has advice on various steps:

      - start with a plastic rod or tube
      - use my drill as make shift lathe to rough in the shape of the tower
      - cover it with a thin layer of ProCreate and smooth it out
      - press/carve the stone work into the putty
      - let cure, then drill a hole (if I didn't use a tube) into the bottom of the towers and glue them to the top of the staff. 
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