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A-CASE+ Miniature Wargaming Carrying/Display Case


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Tired of models breaking after storing them in foam trays inside big and clumsy carrying cases? Look no further, A-Case+ is here!

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About this project
Welcome to the new way to transport and display your miniatures – Meet A-Case+

The A-Case+ System is designed specifically with your miniatures in mind. Protect your fragile and precious minis from any kind of danger. This innovative magnetic solution keeps your minis in place while transporting them in handy and well-designed carrying bag. This is our third Model improved and approved by the gamers from all over the world.

fb11549c3aa672f8cf4560a03965a928_originaA-Case+ System







If you don't believe in a power of magnets solution, watch this movie, where we put small camera inside the case, while shaking it in our hands





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Not sure ... I cannot see myself transporting my minis this way. I do not have magnetized bases, so they will fall over.


Depending on the bases you're using adding small rare earth magnets is pretty easy to do even after painting. I use baking sheets rather than anything fancy like this, but you can definitely store minis more safely and more densely than you can with foam.

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They've added double- and triple-packs as additional rewards, but they are not cost-efficient. The double- and triple-packs come with only three shelves per case (the same as the $49 early-bird), but they're charging almost as much per case as for the five-shelf level.


I worked out the costs including shipping (which, from the comments, they don't appear to have bothered adding to the pledge levels even though they have the costs listed). The only one of the options for multiple packs which works out cheaper than the $49 level is the triple-pack to Rest-of-world. Triple pack to USA is equal cost and the rest of the options are cheaper, even when paying shipping multiple times.

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Hans' review on Dakka:




They had a Indiegogo campaign running last year under the name of "Feldmaster". They changed the name, I'm guessing because of the similiarity with Feldherr.
They initially offered only a large version, which wasn't worth it imo. They introduced a smaller version (which is now on Kickstarter), which was a good price. I bought it.
They kept their timeframe for delivery. At least for me, I got multiple updates after already receiving mine, where it was clear they had issues with the big cases and the cover not fitting the frame. I believe they replaced the covers at no additional cost for backers.
The product is good, the frame was aluminium, the trays metal. It's light, but durable. The strap has a good length, the cover is good material.
I scrolled through the Kickstarter and they obviously adressed some of the few weak points of the case, mainly the moving metal trays. It wasn't more than a few milimeters, but good to see the clanking fixed. The frame is now metal, which I guess is good and the additional weight shouldn't matter that much with the size of the case.
The creator, Alexander, cares a lot about his product. They offered no building instructions upon delivery and although simple once you figure it out, it took some time to figure it out how to build it. I contacted them about it. Alexander send out a backer update with an assembly video in under a day. Furthermore, Alexander called me and apologized that it was simply too obvious for them after months of creating this product that the thought never crossed their minds. We talked some about our kids and what he's doing. He's a great guy and I'm happy that they are moving along to Kickstarter after learning the ropes on Indiegogo.
I can wholeheartedly recommend the case and the company.
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This seems like a neat product. Has anybody compared it side-by-side with an equivalent Tablewar case? These seem less expensive, but I have no idea how similar they are in practice.

On 2/27/2017 at 4:27 PM, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

Not sure ... I cannot see myself transporting my minis this way. I do not have magnetized bases, so they will fall over.


I haven't tried it with these cases, but in similar systems, you can usually substitute museum tack for magnets to get a similar result.


For that matter, my own experience with a Tablewar case taught me that I have not magnetized some minis as powerfully as I should have. :unsure:

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