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Lidless Eye Hobbies: Halflings of Axe and Brimstone

Lidless Eye

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And here we have the last group of miniatures from my recent paint sessions, a village of Halflings from Ganesha Games, for their "Song of Blades and Heroes: Axe and Brimstone" set.

The backdrop itself came from the Kickstarter as a game mat, and I'm finding it quite useful for photo-taking!  Even if I don't play a 3'x3' game any time soon, I'll have gotten plenty of use out of it.

First, we have the whole village, also with Sir Forscale as emergency backup:




The most important member of any Halfling grouping, the Cook:







The Trapper:





The Adventurer, who was an unreached concept in their first KS, "Fightin' Fungi" and one of my favorite of the group:





The Assassin:





The Village Leader, who I think would make a great Halfling Paladin for a D&D session.  I only notice his helmet injury now that I've uploaded this photo and put him in storage with the other Halflings...woops!





The set's Halfling Mage.  I think he would make a great Monk as well...his pose makes him look like he's about to give out a serious beatdown.




Just an Archer:




Hungry Jack, who is probably the best concept.  It's a tough choice for my favorite of this set of Halflings.  I'll need to paint up the old Warhammer Dwarf Adventurer on stilts to keep him company:




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I feel the adventure in these pieces. Good job. ::):


When I saw this guy all I could think was:








He needs that as a special rule!


I love that the iconic combat cold cuts scene was added since the Turtles couldn't be shown using their weapons in a few countries.

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