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Freida Krueger (77363: Deva) for the RPChallenge

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I just thought you had picked some really outside the box colors! Really well done!


Thank you! I do tend to go a bit outside the box with my colours generally, so it's perfectly understandable.



Great job! The red skirt turned out really nice. Only thing that I would recommend is bring a little bit of the red into the base.

Thank you! I wholeheartedly agree! I just couldn't think of a way to incorporate the red down there. Flowers didn't seem appropriate and I didn't want to just slop blood all over without any context. I probably could've made a couple of mushrooms and snuck some red in that way. Alternatively, I probably should've gone with doing the leaves red/orange/yellow instead of green since I had the moss to balance the green. In fact, I might just do that when I eventually take her back out of the pantry.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Thanks, guys! ^_^ I'm glad y'all like her!

On ‎3‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 2:34 AM, Xherman1964 said:

She looks great!


As for the red, maybe put a red bug or spider on the base?

Know of where one gets bugs or spiders that don't involve me sculpting them? Because I am capable of sculpting a rock. A sad rock. ::P:

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I really like the color scheme too, and also the blending of the orange and red on the dress. The base and mini look like they were made for each other!

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13 hours ago, Guindyloo said:

Thanks, guys! ^_^ I'm glad y'all like her!

Know of where one gets bugs or spiders that don't involve me sculpting them? Because I am capable of sculpting a rock. A sad rock. ::P:

If you buy one of the bones bug swarms, I am sure you could cut off a bug or two from that!


Great job on the mini, the wings and the skirt are my favorite parts.

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      Thanks for looking, all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Hope you liked it.
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