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Happy March everyone!


Bunch of rollover goals this month for me:

Finish D&D Chainmail Orc Druid (85% done)

Finish TARDISReaper's Phone Box (95% done)

Finish Goldar and his teddy (70% done)


Adding to the list:

Goblin Shaman - Hangout Figure of the Month

Frostgrave Troopers TBD (I need to sit down with my list and figure out what the Doctor's are going to want going forward)

Scatter Terrain

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Top Posters In This Topic

stuff and things, right

Finish warpath cyphers, all of them

do anything with the avatar, at least get some primer on him

paint the rippers

paint the last 2 kemvar mercs

Finish the warpath enforcer space ship

paint some myth critters


probably do something else

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Goodness. I don't even remember what I was doing anymore.



- Finish the last of the art videos I want to watch from New Masters Academy (sub runs out on the 28th). About 20-30 hours' worth.

- Get through as much of this ecorche as I can! I'm 14 hours in so far and I haven't even finished half of the skeleton, I can't imagine the total amount it's going to be....

- Spring Exchange!! Hmm. Maybe 8 hours?

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In no particular order:





  • Shadows of Brimstone Trun Hunters
  • Khanjira's Base
  • Goldar the barbarian (no later than the 26th)
  • Kar Drakir
  • DDS2 fighter and dwarf cleric


Assemble SoB Swamp Raptor (may need to acquire new sprue cutters first)


Get organized (at this rate this may never happen)



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Finish 3 minis. 

Done TODAY.  Finally finished something.  Finished a Dwarven Ranger from the Ral Partha Europe Dwarf Veteran Warband, finished the Chaos Dwarf Harlot from the "Of ancient times" line, and a classic Games Workshop Black Ork.  Now to photograph.


Going to finish more Chaos Dwarves and my Anhurians are about 50-60% dones, so it's possible I'll finish up to 8 more minis this month.

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I've not been doing very well this year, getting goals started, let alone achieved so here's to trying to get it together!


Projects in Progress:

son's VC Crypt Horrors

son's VC Mortis Engine

Frostgrave Warband! (some are sadly still unpainted, my poor mouslings)

My spring exchange mini!


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Due to a massive depressive attack, I haven't done anything hobby related in three or four months except for a sporadic moment when I started something new but then didn't follow through with it. I feel like this is the month to get something done, though, as I'm on new medication and... no, it doesn't work so I have to change meds again. I'm trying to soldier on through it - I really am. When I feel well enough or there's a lull in pain, I sit at my desk and just stare at what I've attempted to do over the last few months and just feel shame.


For example, I worked on a personal challenge for a Warhammer 40,000 forum for two nights in a row. The model had to be disassembled (through gentle force with a pair of flesh cutters and much cursing), the cyanoacrylate (superglue) that joined it all together had to be removed, a piece had to be heavily modified, and all that's left is to re-glue him and he'll be complete. He's still in pieces as I can't bring myself to finish his build. I just can't do it. Not right now, at least. I've got until April to have him ready to go and photographed (thankfully this challenge doesn't stipulate he has to be painted - in fact, the end model can't be painted) so I might be able to pull through. We'll see.


Anyway, here are my goals for this month:

  • Finish the Captain model for the 40k forum (just glue him already ::(:)
  • Attempt to prep some Reaper models for a solo campaign set in fantasy Arabia
  • Work on the ruleset for the aforementioned campaign
  • If all that happens, consider to begin basecoating a model


Hopefully this is my turn-about month. I really hope so.

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