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Ork Kill Team


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I'm BACK! Sorry for the long absence. But, I've still been painting and I give you a 200pt Ork Kill Team  I painted up and played. These won the best painted award nearly unanimously (I never vote for myself) and sadly went 0 of 3. I though I'd share them here and let everyone know I'm still ok.


Group Shot (sorry, camera was really dirty and didn't know it)



Some indiviual shots of some of the Orks (not all of them though)






















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Gretchin with a Plasma Pistol. Tee hee :lol:!


They look great and Orky. I hadn't realized 200 points worth of Orks gets you that many. I should have, though. Silly me. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to paint my Space Marine Kill Team that comes with the Kill Team box. The Tau are set and I was originally going to convert and paint the Marines as my typical Iron Hands but I think I want something different now. Maybe Crimson Fists...


Anyway, smashing job! WAAAGH!

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Thanks everyone! Its good to be back and painting again. I'll have some more Orky goodness coming soon as I have even more of them on my painting table. Most of these are from a box I bought for $35 back in the late 90's. They've been moved around multiple times and I've lost a bunch but I still have enough to make a decent army. Plus, Orks are just fun to play for me. 

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