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Maledrakh's 77330 Derro Leader vs 3 new backdrops

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In a bid to try to improve my photography of my minis, I recently ordered in the Tablewar Macromat set after seeing it on some youtube video. The backgrounds in this set are made out of thin, (neoprene?) rubber-backed mouse mat material of the same type used for tabletop gaming mats. And it all comes in a nifty bag, and disassembles for easy transport and storage.



The set arrived yesterday, so now to try it out on some freshly painted minis.

Here is the Bones Derro Leader with each background:



Warm backdrop



Cool backdrop




White-to-blue  backdrop


All taken with my not all that great Panalux compact camera and a white-fluorescent lamp in front. Um. I dont think I did, but I might have moved the light a bit between shots, leading to different angles. Gotta be more careful in future.

I think the backgrounds worked very well, much less of the materials texture is to be seen in the pictures compared to the previous background I used (the seascape gaming board-cloth from Dreadfleet!)

I think I prefer the cool backgrounds overall effect, at least for this mini. Although the gradient background seems to yield the clearest picture and most true colours. I will need to play around with different exposure times and lighting angles / distance with each background to get the best out of every option.

Ah! The white-blue gradient background takes me right back to the 90s Mike McVey era GW miniature pictures! Not necessarily a bad thing.


Which do you prefer?


I will go with these for now:





The Derro was a randomly picked mini to paint. I had no particular plan for it.

... it will make a great something-or-other for Frostgrave.


77330 Derro Leader

Reaper Bones KS2

sculpted by Derek Schubert

Bonesium PVC

30mm base



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