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No actually it was all at the same time, and although slow release and few bodies were issues. The bottom line is the new plan made the books obsolete. The new Rage Chronicles would contain the stats, cards, spells, sa's for all factions and the Kruger Journals would contain the fluff.



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I've been leading a local group of players (I deem the only one existing in Russia) since 2007, making yearly campaigns and leagues of up to 10 participants and 30+ games per season. It appears to be

Well, one way to look at it is that Reaper accomplished what they wanted with Warlord.  First edition with 10? Factions.  Second edition to fix the balance issues, along with an expansion with even mo

Me, I buy Warlord figures not for the Warlord game but because they are fun, well-sculpted, full of character, interesting, and reasonably priced.  I use them for other game play and I like them.

The plan to discontinue the books was officially announced at the same time as the plan to start revamping the rules occurred.  The reasons were outlined in the post you linked.  It was not because of the rule changes.  It was because of the continued delays in getting the faction books out in a timely manner.


The announcement came 7 months after the last book was released, which was a delayed release, in and of itself.

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Don't care 'bout nunnathat. Just want to see Reaper back their awesome game in a substantial fashion again. The "We're a miniatures company, not a games company" line has worn too thin. It's a fantastic game and deserves some love. Period.


They've made enough in Kickstarters now they should break off a few thousand and revamp (just reintroduce) the game or do a 'smallish' scale KS exclusively for Warlord (rule book to bring in new players, more models that haven't hit Bones yet). Hell, if they could do it for CAV, the purple-haired, third cousin, twice removed...


I'm really tired of Warlord being Reaper's red-headed stepchild. So.Damned.Tired. The company does such an awesome job of listening to its customer base on EVERYTHING else. As a Warlord fan I've really come to feel like a chump.


It's a winner that is not even being entered into any races. You can't win if you don't even show up.

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Although Warlord is a big disappointment personally, because I had enough models to probably field 50,000 points. Before I sold and sent them to the smelter. I think Reaper put forth an effort to make the game successful the first five or six years. They really aren't a game company.  Not because they couldn't be, but because they don't really want to be. Who can really blame them. They stay very busy focusing on minis.


I would love to see Warlord get popular again. I think a new type of Black Lightening team would be a step in the right direction.

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... They really aren't a game company.  Not because they couldn't be, but because they don't really want to be. Who can really blame them. They stay very busy focusing on minis...


It does not make sense why they created CAV, and especially, Reich of the Dead, and later Cowboys & Gunslingers. Obviously, the rules are made to support the sale of the miniatures. If that is the intention, the company may have more success with Warlord.

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Yeah, I've been monitoring the Whatthehammer! angst on other forums...  

We are gnashing our teeth, mumbling in corners, and running around in circles because the rules for the game that is replacing Warhammer have leaked and they are so terrible that if I described them here no one would believe me.  If Reaper had decided to use Bones III to relaunch Warlord their timing couldn't possibly been better.


In totally unrelated news:


What's the elevator pitch for Warlord if someone were to be shopping around for new games to play.


My version of the elevator pitch is this. All you need to try the game is your warhammer minis, either of the 2nd ed. Warlord rulebooks, some ten-sided dice, some playing cards (an old deck that is missing a few cards will do), and some wound markers (actually your warhammer D6s will work for those.)


There are plenty of warhammer minis that would be decent counts-as models for official Warlord minis. You could cobble together two modest forces to experiment with several ways. What warhammer minis do you have?


Having gone ahead and bought the book, does anyone have advice for proxying my friends Skaven army? 

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I'd agree Reven would be good. Kargir may fit a few models better. They have a sgt with a whip similar to a pack master and hyenas would be good giant rats. But, either could make a great Skaven proxy list. Reven has a lot more diversity as far as being able to build anything from a small and powerful list to a true horde. Kargir can't really build a huge mob type army. Go play with the army builder and data card search tool at reapergames.

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I love Warlord.  I started with 2nd edition, but I also have a 1st edition book.  My gaming group likes to use the campaign system out of the 1st edition book and we like some of the rules for fighting in urban environments like fighting is building and through doorways.  Since core mechanics between both books are pretty similar taking bits and pieces from both books works out fine with only some minor tweaking.  The first edition book was a lot more narrative and felt more like playing an RPG whereas the second edition book is a straight up wargame.



The 1st edition book is one of my favorit eye-candy rule books. It's beautifl. Sad that the 2nd editions were printed with so much dull B/W.

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As someone who was a BL and went to his first GenCon to run demos of Warlord with the Reaper folks (a million years ago), I have a deep and eternal love for Warlord. It's quick & easy or long and still easy depending on how you want to play.


I think I would still be playing and promoting if I hadn't started a business.


And if I found out that someone was running a local game I would go grab my Crusaders out of storage in a heartbeat.


Ivy Crown Archers…laying a hail of fire?


They are the Ivy Crown Pointers, and they fire their arrows to show the infantry and cavalry to "Go over there and attack stuff!"

I saw the post about the ICA and this is what came to mind, then I read this and laughed so hard I scared my dog.

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I am new to Warlord (but certainly not to RPGs or Tabletop Wargames).

Like many I have walked away from Games Workshop since they destroyed Warhammer Fantasy and try as I might I just can't bring myself not to despise Age of Sigmar which is a pathetic attempt to emulate the success of World of Warcraft.

Off-shoot adaptation games such as Kings of War, The IXth Age or Frostgrave just don't seem to cut it for me and I'm not interested in Warmachine or Hordes.


And so in my meanderings I have stumbled upon Warlord which I find most intriguing, with just the right sort of balance between D&D RPG and tabletop wargame.

In doing my homework I have read both good and poor reviews of the game.

Some have exhorted Warlord with many sterling qualities, qualities which have tickled my fancy. However, some of these reports seem to be quite old.

Other, more recent, reports have explained that the popularity of Warlord is incredibly limited and that many people struggle to find a game and go elsewhere.

Joining these forums I notice the age of many of the recent posts and they have me a little worried.


So I wanted to get it from the horse's mouth.

How popular is Warlord these days?

Living in a capital city is it easy enough to find a game?


Thank you for your honest advice.

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Its a fun game and is vastly replayable. The rules tend to be straight forward.  I love the game, but unfortunately there is no support aside from models from Reaper.  Any warlord gaming is usually carried on by fans and thats about it.    

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    • By Inarah
      This is a Patrick Keith sculpt  from the Warlord range and I have loved it since it came out years ago.  She would be a really cool player character, I don't know why we don't see her more often.  Great dynamic movement with this one.  Anyway, I threw some color on her, so maybe she'll end up on the table one day. 

    • By Metalchaos
      Hello everyone, here's my second 06132, Skeleton swordsman. This Warlord Necropolis Grunt was sculpted by Kevin Williams. Like the first one I painted, the lightning on its sword is freehand painting. These huge swords are great canvas to elaborate all kinds of effects.










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      Painted that one in 2017, but never made pictures of him. But last weekend he got a gig as a model in the photography class. So finally: Picture! Yay!
      I used fluorescent paints for his eye sockets, so they glow under UV-light. 

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      Next mini off my shelf of shame: The little mummy from the warlord familiars pack III.
      Only when I painted the eyes of the scarabeus I realised that the sculpt is one eyed. And then I was too lazy to add the other one. Oh, well...
      Just a quick paint up, enjoy!
      C&c welcome!
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      This is another one of my long term residents of my shelf of shame. Stripped, re-primed and re-painted after an unsuccessful first attempt. 
      I tried for a somewhat mayan color scheme by googling pictures of mayan art and choosing the paint closest in colour that I had.
      Fun fact 1: The mayas produced a special blue-green pigment which they used in their paintings. This pigment is very resistent to weathering. It's known as maya blue.
      Fun fact 2: Mayas used the same word for green and blue, meaning different greens and blues were seen as shades of ONE colour, not as belonging to two different categories, like for example in the English language.
      I had a lot of fun with the water effects. But next time I have to cut back on the sea foam, it definitely looks better when applied sparingly.
      Enjoy, c&c welcome, as always!
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