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Stronghold on the Borderlands

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About this project

           Stronghold on the Borderlands

My concept is centered on creating a fort that would exist as a garrison or trading station in a borderland fantasy setting. The idea is developed around the notion of a timber fort being hastily constructed on part/on top of an older ruined stone fortification. I pursued this half-and- half concept so that the fort might also be applicable as a tribal center for barbarian and goblinoid cultures.

                     NOTICE: This item is not intended for children

NOTICE: This item is being offered and shipped in white resin only, the painted version is for display only.


White Resin Cast White Resin Cast


 Small Fort version A            Scale in MM                     Reward #3 & #7



  Small Fort version B           Scale in MM                    Reward #4 & #8



   Medium Fort                       Scale in MM                      Reward #5 & #9


      Large Fort                        Scale in MM                     Reward #6 & #10 



                                      Design and Manufacture

The initial  design and construction of this fort uses both 3d Printing and hand sculpted methods. All silicon rubber molds are properly degassed and manufacture will involve pressure casting plastic resin to 50lbs. I will use smooth cast 300 from smooth-on. It is a well known plastic resin and very friendly to modelers who want to make hand modifications to the pieces. 

                                       Packaging and Shipping

Your structure will arrive in the box that is featured in the image below  regardless of what size fort you order,

Packaging Packaging

       This box will also contain all pieces related to Stretch Goal Awards, Add-ons, and Digital Designs on USB. There will not be any additional packing support in the box but All products will be wrapped in 1/4 inch cell bubble wrap. All orders will be shipped in a USPS medium flat rate 2-3 day Priority or international priority. Unless requested otherwise, all domestic products will ship with signature confirmation.  

                                            Stretch Goal Awards

Stretch Goal Awards Stretch Goal Awards

 The stretch goal awards for this project involve small stone ruins, The sum of all awards should give you enough pieces to imply a foundation of a ruined building. The ruined stair design is the correct height for use with the walls of the main fortification. The finished models will not vary significantly from the dimensions shown here but details will be enhanced and tweaked.

Stretch Goal Awards Assembled Stretch Goal Awards Assembled
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So this has the 3d print option AND a physical resin option....Now we're talkin....

Though I do wish they would do a wood gate.  and the stone entrance seems a bit small...

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