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The combination of Gnoblar & Night Goblin produces a miniature perfectly suited for the downtrodden life style. I usually give them names like Beastly Burden. In this instance, it was pointed out to me that the Little Sufferer had quit an attitude AND a Big Club to back it up. The theme from The Marat/Sade started playing through my head; ergo, he became Robespierre. 

To showcase him, he is seen hear on his journey to Heep's Place, renowned for it's mushroom distilled beverage, caverns, & bat poop farm...it's like a pilgrimage to the Jack Daniel's Distillery:



...I swear I heard something:



...from various angles:







...AND wandering off into the sunset:



For those unfamiliar with it, this is Heep's Mushroom Distillery, Bar & Grill. & Bat Poop Caves:



...there you have it...so to speak.

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Love it!  I'm not sure if the mushroom is recoiling from him or if the mushroom is getting ready to smack him in the back of the head, which is perfect!


And I've been to the Jack Daniel's Distillery, it's a fun little tour, and Lynchburg is a nice little touristy trap place.  Certainly one of the better I've been in across the country. 



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8 hours ago, Darkmeer said:

Love it!  I'm not sure if the mushroom is recoiling from him or if the mushroom is getting ready to smack him in the back of the head, which is perfect!


And I've been to the Jack Daniel's Distillery, it's a fun little tour, and Lynchburg is a nice little touristy trap place.  Certainly one of the better I've been in across the country. 




Thanks for the reply, Steve. I am glad you like it & see the story possibilities in it.

I had passed through Lynchburg on my way home from California a long time ago. The bikers I hitched a ride with were actually on a pilgrimage to the Jack Daniels Distillery. They were crushed that Lynchburg is in a dry county.


5 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

Great work!


Love the pictures!


He looks determined to get to Heep's Place, on the other hand the Mushroom behind him seems to have other plans for him.


...he may have plans for the turkey legs hanging from Robespierre's pack: 



...there are nefarious deeds afoot. That aside I'm delighted you like the piece & are enjoying the story telling. Thanks for the reply, X!

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2 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Look out, it's right behind you!!


Very nice work.:winkthumbs:


I have a picture of the two of them whirling around with the Mushroom constantly behind Robespierre.

I am delighted you like him & took the time to say so. Thanks, Wolf!

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