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Heroes of Arinoth: fantasy miniatures


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About this project

Over 500 years ago, one mysterious individual succeeded in uniting all of the peoples of the lands of Arinoth for a common goal, and became the first king of Arinoth.

Vicious orcs fought alongside majestic elves, and powerful lords of the undead stood by human magi. For centuries, these races joined together to fend off foreign invaders.

But this peacetime was not built to last…

The king having been found dead and his legendary artefacts disappeared, the leaders of each race began to tear one another apart, accusing their neighbors of staging a coup in an attempt to take the king’s powers for themselves.

Now, they prepare themselves to wage an unforgiving war against former allies…

The project: 

The goal of this project is to fund a new line of fantasy miniatures: elves, orcs, and other peoples from the world of Arinoth. A game is currently in development, to be released at the end of 2017. Making a pledge to this project is your chance to get a sneak preview of its resin figurines, including exclusive miniatures that will not be available outside of this Kickstarter campaign.

Pledge levels:

Suggested pledge:

Suggested pledge Suggested pledge

Plus get the exclusive Mo’nik figurine, only available through this Kickstarter!

Mo'nik - Kickstarter exclusive miniature! Mo'nik - Kickstarter exclusive miniature!

Starter packs:


Starter pack Dark seeker Starter pack Dark seeker


Starter pack Alaria Starter pack Alaria


Starter pack Chol'pif Starter pack Chol'pif


Starter pack Deb'uire Starter pack Deb'uire


The races:

Elven Alliance:

The convergence of four former elven enclaves, the Elven Alliance has become a powerful and prosperous nation..

  • Dark Seeker, Keeper of the Flame, Tracker Commander:

 An important general in the Elven Army, this former elven Dark Lord is an impressive warrior, in addition to being an excellent sorcerer in close combat. Respected by his warriors, he enjoys displaying his superiority by defying and killing his adversaries in grim and miserable duels.

  • Queen Alaria, High Priestess of the Moon:

Previously Queen of the High Elves, Alaria has since become Queen of the entire Elven Alliance. High Priestess of the Moon, she is one of the best Healers in the kingdom, and was one of the former king’s closest advisers. Now, Queen Alaria has accused the orcs of treachery, and is set on retrieving the king’s powers to eliminate the Orc Warchiefs and restore peace to the Arinoth kingdom.

Orc Tribes:

Although since the reunification there is now a single Orc Chief, the orcs are still split into clans, each with its own special characteristics and skills to bring to the horde.

  • Chol'pif, High Shaman of the Vol’kar Clan, Hordechief:

Chol'pif was “elected” Hordechief, after having killed all of his opposition. This powerful Shaman was the military adviser to the king, and was always on the front lines, instilling fear and courage in his warriors. He claims the innocence of his clan, and accuses one of the Dark Lords of the Undead. He would like to possess the king’s powers in order to wipe out their entire population.

  • Deb'uire, Mountain Orc, Iron Clan Warchief:

Deb'uire is the horde’s champion, its most powerful warrior. If he wanted to, he could undoubtedly take control. But he would rather be in the thick of battle alongside his loyal soldiers than seated around a table negotiating. He trains the Lava Orcs, some of the horde’s best warriors, himself.

Other important characters:

  • Dark Lord Xan'Thaal, Death Knight:

He is one of the most powerful Dark Lords of the Undead. This imposing warrior is also an excellent necromancer. Formerly the king’s siege warfare adviser, as the undead are experts in the art of laying siege. Many Arinothiens believe that it was he who assassinated the king. He has always claimed it untrue, yet without naming another guilty party…

  • Mo'Nik, Master Healer of the Vox Clan:

The Vox Clan is a group of monks living far from other civilizations. Mo’Nik is one of the Master Healers of this clan, specializing in herbalism. Numerous adversaries have been conquered in duels, having underestimated her small size.

And many more...

Chol'pif Chol'pif


Deb'uire Deb'uire
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Stay far, far away from this Kickstarter. I just asked if the guy has a contract with Blizzard, on his "company's" Facebook page, and my comment was promptly deleted. So it's not like he's unaware that he's infringing on someone else's IP.

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And those aren't just close. Their 'orc leader' is a dead-ringer for Thrall, carrying the Doomhammer. The elfy guy with the weird glaive? That's a Demonhunter, if not Illidan himself (looks like pre-demon Illidan). Big orc with the two-hander? Dead-ringer for Grommash. A lot of the weapons and gear are also near enough to identical as makes no never mind. And his monk looks just like Li Li. >.<


I wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole, if this guy has no agreement with Blizzard.

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41 minutes ago, Inarah said:

That freebie sculpt is cute as heck. Not sure I care for the others. 


I thought of the same thing. Thou, it does remind me of the Pandarans or whatever the Panda race is called. It's been many years since I played or even really followed WoW.

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