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ReaperCon 2017 Classes Preview


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Honestly I don't care so much whether it's June or July, I just want to be prepared this time!  :-)  I'm pretty sure Bryan takes care of managing the site, and I know he's up to his elf in alligators with Bones III.


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6 minutes ago, Loim said:

So, if I'm reading correctly you can only purchase classes if you have a ticket for the Con?

This is correct. 


The site will check your current cart and your order history. If it does not find an admission pass for the 2017 ReaperCon in either place, it will not permit you to by a class.


If it finds a pass in either one, it will.


One must purchase admission to the convention to participate in classes, games, and other events.

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1 hour ago, dusty said:

Look for Badges to open later this month and Classes later in July.

ReaperBryan,  I assume by badges you mean ticket sales will be soon...in June?

Badges = tickets=admissions, yes.


From my perspective it's all the same, you buy admission means you bought a badge, and the term "ticket" really means nothing to me.

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