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77364 Angel of Shadows - OSL attempt - Pendrake


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This is Talespinner's fault. And also OneBoot's idea. (In another thread Talespinner challenged people to try something that was new —to them— and then Oneboot mentioned OSL and this specific model.)


So, I acquired one 77364 on Saturday. Then I headed into the paint area to make a start. At that point "a idea flew into my funnel" after I spotted newish bottles of Blue Liner and Black Primer. These paints  got mixed...




The other part of the idea was to prime the mini with this inky dark mixture (roughly 50/50 Blue Liner/Black Primer**) where the lantern light could not reach. I Probably worked too fast. I am thinking the back of her head should be all inky as well. 


The pizza happened later. 


**That made a nice rich black. Next: there will be a sword swap. 

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Added some footnotation to clarify for Xherman
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Good on you for trying something new!  OSL is on my list eventually.  


Good start but I agree that the back of the head should likely be dark as well.  


Looking forward to following this along.  

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I made a similar attempt at OSL with the metal version of the Angel of Shadow.  She's a difficult target.  I wish you the best of luck, TGP.  You're definitely more skilled than myself, so I'm sure you'll nail it. 


My only suggestion is to determine how strong you want the light to be beforehand (candle, torch, fog light, sunlight, etc.).  That's going to decide how much it affects the rest of the miniature.

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