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First WIP for PC miniature

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A mantra I heard on the forums that I have to keep reminding my kids of is, "Perfect is the enemy of good."


There is only one thing required to improve and that is practice. You can improve surprisingly fast just by quickly painting minis for games, your hands still learn the feel of the brushes and paint. You're off to a great start! ^_^

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So I have finally been able to paint! I've made a little bit of progress, but not a lot. I finished the boots, and the skin. For the skin I went up to golden highlight, but I don't think that I've done enough shadows. It's so hard for me to determine where they would or wouldn't be. Mostly the highlights though. 


The boots i did using Scale Color. I based them with a 1:1 mix of brown leather and black leather. I did my shadows with black leather and then worked up to Walnut for my highlights. Again, it's still hard for me to determine when the shadows and highlights should go, but I am happy with the boots at this point. 


The robes I decided to change my color scheme on. I started with the red and liked it so much that I decided to do all of it red. However, I can already see how difficult it's going to be. It probably took me 5-6 layers to cover, and I think I still have some uneven coverage. 


Since I decided to change the colors on her, now I am unsure about her corset. Right now I have it leather with the intentions of making it similar to her boots, but I don't know if I should do that. I still want to make her accessories gold, and she has a lot of them. I am worried the gold will clash with the leather. Any suggestions about what color I could do the corset, or if leather would be fine? 





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Good job getting the red clean, and not muddy over the dark basecoat!


I agree that the skin needs more shadows, mostly where the skin meets an object lying on it like the gauntlet or the dress. There's a few ways to approach adding the shadows though. Personally I tend to start skin very dark, and work in really thin layers, so the last skin I painted was actually run up to a highlight, then I used a flesh tone wash to re-establish shading, and blended that in by mixing flesh wash with the skin highlight color, but even a quick wash without all the blending after could do just fine.


I think the brown leather corset will look great with gold metallics, you got a fairly strong analogous scheme right now, and I think it's working well, especially if you keep the leather dark to preserve the contrast.

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