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77290: Mousling Druid - OSL attempt- SparrowMarie

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Going to use this guy as my first attempt at OSL. This was inspired by Talespinner's challenge in the getting to know each other thread.



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2 hours ago, tiniest rhombus said:

Mouslings :wub: Good for you tackling a new technique. 


I love the mouslings. However, this is the first one of the 8(?) that I have to get paint on it, they're just so small! Hoping I can do it justice and some decent OSL.

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They really aren't that difficult. They are small in stature but the details aren't. The eyes for example are huge compared to a regular 28mm human. I find them easier to paint than a typical 28mm mini.  

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I think I've finished up the orb itself. Now to get to the OSL. Also, I tried a little wet blending on the orb, which I've also never done before, and I think it came out pretty well.



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So cute. I've never done OSL so I can't help you there. I have painted a ton of fur though. My piece of advice is to choose a lighter brown for some highlights on the fur. I use the side of my brush for this and brush with the direction of the fur. The key is keeping your paint thin and your brush damp. Not wet like you would for a basecoat. Wick most of the paint off.  Happy painting. ::):

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He's adorable!


One thing I might do is to take the color you used for the cloak, add some water to really thin it out and just lightly brush over the OSL on the cloak to soften the edges a bit.


Love his little teddy bear face!

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Did a really thin layer of the cloak color over the lighter bits to hopefully soften things up. 




I also did a little work on the fur. I think it looks better now.


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