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77168 Battleguard golem, 77016: Rats, - My first painted minis


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Since I already registered at the forum, I may as well post I guess.

I did those ones the last week :3 I will get back later to them, once I figure how to do fancy things like washes. I wanted to experiment a bit, but I couldn't bring myself to ruin it just after I had finished it :D

Luckily the warforged looks darker irl. Mobile phones aren't the best things to take pics with, who could have guessed... :p

I did some spiders and scorpions today, I am debating if I should leave them black or I should add some color. Worst case I repaint them black, right?



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I think you should go for colors, animals with venom is Very often multi colored.

And its fun to use colors! .. or you could search the web for color-ideas from the Real world, Nature itself is also a good place to find inspiration..

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Nice work!  I too just started painting, I think I have painted like 5 minis so far.  You look like you have really good brush control which is awesome!


And like Xherman said, look around here for tips and check out YouTube.  You will be surprised how much improvement you can make in just a few models.  I am still a long ways from being good at painting but I have already improved so much in just a few figures.


See you around the forums!

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