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Quick paint of bones paladin and sarcophagus


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Last night I did a quick paint of a couple of minis while my wife painted a paint-by-numbers. I did a little bit of extra work this morning, and had some equipment malfunctions that damaged the minimal face I did paint. As this was all about a quick job, I only fixed the problem, but didn't redo it.

The WIP is linked and photos will follow shortly in a separate post (I'm currently trapped by feline).


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55 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good work on them!


I like the partially faded look you got on the lining of the sarcophagus.


Cute kitty, as well.

Thanks, he's terribly shy. His little sister is always sitting on my photo backgrounds (when out) or trying to eat the handle of my brushes. Or just shedding in the general direction of incomplete minis.


As for the inside lining...

Black primer, red brick shadow, carnage red, and an orange...I think explosion orange? And the lace on the pillows was a mix of creamy ivory and linen white, very thinned. Mostly it was trying to be quick about things.

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