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Bertand, Collin, Alfred, & Dwarf Halbredier

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Hi It's been a while since I posted, I've got the next 4 mini's done. I decided it was easier to just post them as a group.

Dwarf Halberdier 14397, Collin 03507, Alfred Redlute 02186, Bertrand Monk 02829,

I think the monk's shading came out the best of this group, but it doesn't really show in the pics too well. I wish there was a bit more room

between the eyes and eye brows. I've been painting the eyes larger lately, but on the next group, I think I will paint them a bit smaller.

I broke off the end of the rope on Collin, since it was going to break anyway. I think his skin color came out better than the others.

I've been trying to get better at shading the hair, it kind of shows up in the pictures.



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