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GW High Elf lord king noble guy on Griffon


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1 hour ago, Smokestack said:

Giant eagle? That sir is clearly a griffon! :angry:


:poke: looks cool. Great job. I have 2 of these guys i got off ebay a couple years asgo, but intimidated to pain them. 

I actually forced him to the front of the queue for storage reasons. I was afraid of losing, bending or breaking one of his bits. I had clipped all my Isle of Blood guys off sprue and stored them in a tackle box, but this guy didn't fit, so he hung out on my shelf causing me mild panic which built up over time until I had to paint him.

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Fantastic job on him!!


I've got one of these I picked up second hand for a couple of dollars 'cause his lance was broken (and missing). I haven't repaired it yet, 'cause then that means I'd have to paint it, and I'm not sure I can paint it as well as I want to...

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