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I've been on a bit of a Sci-Fi kick recently, so I'm going to be converting and painting up the Bones version of the Nova Corp troops.


The original head on this guy has a horrible mold line, so I swapped it with a GW Dark Eldar.  



Nothing wrong with her head, I just don't like having a bunch of clones, so I'll be giving her a bare head.




With new head (from GW Wood Elves).                                                                                



These are the same figure. The one on the left has the head from the female trooper added. The one on the right is the original head; as you can see the detail is lousy, so it got cut off.




The head/helmet with the lousy detail from the guy above is now hanging on her belt.        




These guys have some extra equipment added.




One of the guys from above is going to become a sniper.                                            



And his rifle, courtesy of a GW Tau.



That's all for now, but I have a few more conversions to do before painting starts.



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All the more reason for them to fight harder; now they have something to live for!


Thanks, everyone. I did a little more work last night, but nothing terribly picture worthy. We'll see what happens today/this evening.

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Thank you; sorry to keep you waiting so long. Here is the rest of the squad finished. (Well, the conversions are done, I'm working on paint as we speak)


The sniper. I added some detail to his helmet where the gun was attached previously, and fixed the gap in his arm with some greens stuff.



Head swap; I used an old GW Necromunda head that has been in my bits box for a while now.



Another head swap; this time with an old GW Dark Eldar head. I cut off the top knot, and added a spec ops type headset from green stuff.



Headset from the other side.


Special weapons trooper; she was given a grenade launcher made from a gun barrel and random gun handle, again from the bits box.



These guys got some extra pouches on their backsides, and had their heads turned.



This is what those guys looked like originally (no conversions here).



Sarge got a hand grenade and a properly bad-arse looking head, complete with stogie (both GW again)



Special weapon trooper, he got a grenade launcher added to the bottom of his weapon, and a little GS work to fix up a detail on his helmet that got damaged.



Special weapon trooper; this guy got a flame thrower added to his weapon. The flamer came from Wargames Factory Great Coat troops kit.



As of this writing, they're actually primed, and have some paint work on them. Pics of that in a while; I had to modify my original paint scheme for them. The first figure I did was waaaay too dark. Experimentation is in progress...

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Thanks, Xherman!


Quick update to these guys; all of them at this level right now:



Yup, not much to look at right now, the clothing  and armor are basecoated. I still need to do his weapon, boots, gloves,straps, and other little details.

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