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Spring Exchange for Pochi, 2017

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The Pict is an Ollie's Army figure and the one that I originally wanted to do for the exchange.  He had been sitting around wanting to be painted for almost 2 yrs and had just REFUSED to tell be how he wanted to look!!   Boring human Ranger paint schemes and the like had me mourning the loss of a nice figure, so he sat.  Then I ran across a picture on the net just as I got my Exchange assignment,  and PING I knew what he was supposed to look like.


As it is a Reaper exchange, felt that I need to do a Reaper mini so Pochi got the Arab Goblin.   By the way, according to Google translates, the shield says 'Brian Rules'.


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You should always lead with the pictures
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They are amazing and I love them!


The little goblin I think is going to be a new NPC in the game I DM for. Not sure when the other guy will make an appearance but I am sure he will eventually!


Thanks again, Brian! They are amazeballs!

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