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Sparrow paints some resin

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36 minutes ago, chaoshead said:

I have heard of the game and seen a few of the minis but what is the dino looking beast you have there?

It's a "swamp raptor." He's not resin but still needed priming. He's part of the newer stuff that is being sent out currently.

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I was going to start painting today bit somehow the bristles on my good brushes got bent at a 45 degree angle. I suspect my lamp got moved and it squished them up against part of my desk or computer monitor.  They are currently being treated with some brush restorer so I might get to things tonight. 


Planning process in the works in the mean time.


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Not sure I'll get to painting today. Maybe after we get home from game day. I'm going to paint up the plastic minis first since they came with painting guides. Then on to the long process of planning out color schemes and what not. I'm in the very boring stages of this unfortunately.

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