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During that spurt of effort from roughly November through February it became frustrating for me to work with my blog.  Part of it was the software behind Blogspot.  Part of it was the software I installed onto sidebars and such.


So, quite some time ago, I purchased the domain name for my blog and started migrating my blog to a WordPress blog hosted by my business.  It's what I do for a living and the reason I am currently not working my elf off on miniature related projects as we've hit our busy season and we're understaffed and in the process of moving our offices and as they say the buck stops here.


BUT, what I can sneak in was work on a website.  So, I present the redesigned version of my blog at it's new home, https://thrymstable.com.




Unlike a miniature, technically a website is a never ending work in progress.  I do have some other features I plan to institute in the future but the important part is that everything that was on the old blog at BlogSpot is now on the new site.  It is relatively streamlined and fast.   I would have had it live sooner if not for some odd glitch in the way BlogSpot handles photos that occurred about 3 months ago.  So I had to spend some time manually rebuilding some posts with photos, etc.  But no website migration ever goes smoothly in this business.


I hope you like the new look.


I know I already announced this change over in the Off-topic post I necro'd but I felt the effort warranted a Show-Off Post.


That necro'd post was the one about my effort to catalog the personal Websites and Blogs of Reaper Forumites.  Please head on over to add yours to the mix or check out the musings off our community.



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