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60073 Stag Lord


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Almost there:








So as you can see, there was a lot of extra debris on the mini in the right eye socket that I didn't pay attention to earlier.  Not sure if I could have gotten it out before, but didn't want to risk breaking anything trying to fix it now.  So instead, I'll just roll with it for game purposes, describe that socket as somewhat caved in, etc.  Went ahead and did the necrotic green on the nose socket and the other eye socket to still give it a magical look.


I'm pretty happy with the antlers.  They seem to have blended fairly well though I still don't have a great pic taking set up (need to work on that eventually).  Do I need to go with another darker layer closer to the base?  Its not quite as dark as the reference photos, but I was starting to get down to "not much real estate left" so to speak.  At any rate, I should hopefully be able to finish tomorrow.  Will be my first attempt at a sand-based basing, so will see how it goes. Previously I've only done a cracked earth using green stuff, so the glue and sand combo will be new. 


At any rate, as always thanks for looking and for any ideas, comments, critiques, etc.!

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1 hour ago, Xherman1964 said:

I think it looks great!


Level up!


Thanks!  I was nervous about the antlers, but I was over all pretty happy with how they turned out.  Certainly far more layering went in to them than I had ever done before and I think it paid off.  This may be one of those minis where somewhere down the line i pick up another copy after I've gotten more experience just to see what I can do then, because I really do like the mini despite all the issues that went into it (mainly my mistakes).  :)

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Had a near disaster last night as one of the antlers fell off while I was working on the base, but I managed to get it back on and somewhat cleaned up (good enough for government work, and I would know ;p).  That said, I did pretty much finish him up (at least enough for him to die with honor this afternoon).


Show Off

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