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Quick Question about Multi-part Bones and the reasoning behind it.

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So how does one assemble the Bones Version of...

03762: Shaern, Female Antipaladin?


In particular, attaching the Shield, arm and half of her torso piece to the rest of her??? It is rather difficult to get the torso half to match up to the rest of her torso. Anyone else having trouble assembling this or the Metal version of it? Both have been tough to put together, so much so i have given up on each in turn. Maybe it is just me, but the place that the bones version is divided at seems to be a strange place to do that to the miniature. Why not at the Wrist holding the shield like the Metal Version? I gave up on the metal version due to the Axe arm turning out to be too hard to drill for pinning. I thought the bones version would be fully assembled or in identical parts to the metal one. I'm really curious about the logic behind the choices of where and how to divide a mini that has multiple parts.


Hopefully, I'm not being irritating or offensive by asking this. My appologies if so. I'm just kind of curious about this and wondering if there is a method to the "Maddness". Thank you for any insight into this matter.



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before giving up, try boiling the heck out of both pieces, then letting them cool. hopefully they'll warp into shapes that match each other better. Doesn't always work, but has saved me work a couple times.


alternatively, heat them, and mate the pieces while they're warm - wear gloves, and put them in cold water to lock them in that position.

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