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03024 Kobold Leader and Sorceror


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Kobolds!  Who doesn't love the cute little guys?




So these guys were a really quick paint job for my ongoing Pathfinder campaign, and I know what you're thinking.  "Gargs, that sorceror is purple!" True, he is, but that's he is described in the module.  :)


Anyway, for a quick paint job at my relatively newbie level, I'm actually pretty happy with these guys.  In retrospect, I probably should have chosen a different color for the shirt on the sorceror, but honestly, wasn't sure what would contrast well with his dark skin.  Any thoughts for future reference?


Eventually, I may go back and add some OSL to the sorceror as well, but trying to tackle two different flame effects was definitely a bit intimidating to me and I wanted to get them done in time for game day.  Biggest fear I had was trying to figure out the color of the OSL effect given that the flames are made up of multiple colors themselves.

Anyway, as always any comments, critiques, advice, etc. are always appreciated!  Thanks for looking!

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10 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Nice job on these!

As for the shirt, the color wheel would suggest a yellow shirt for maximum contrast.


Thanks!  Aye, I need to get over my dislike of yellow.  :P  I knew that yellow would work, but I'm not a big fan of the color.  I just need to start using it here and there though and see how it works.  :)  Will definitely keep that in mind though for the next time.


4 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

Very nice!



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1 hour ago, Darcstaar said:

Start with a base of a medium brown and build up layers of yellow on top, and it should smooth things out for you.


Thanks, will definitely give that a try!

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