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I love how dark you painted it. Somehow that makes it look more natural than many other approaches I've seen. The lighter feathers against the black works especially well. The dark talons and underbelly were also great choices.


It almost looks like you only used about 4 colors. The overall distribution of black and gold is so well balanced. Wow. :wow:

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The shading on the feathers looks so natural!! Nicely done indeed, it turned out fantastic!


Seeing the great job you did makes me want to paint mine! :lol:



--OneBoot :D

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Thanks all! Extremely positive feedback which encourages me to keep on painting (yay, mission accomplished!).


The few pants are all Vallejo:

- Beasty Brown from Game Air for the belly

- Burnt Umber from Model Air for the head and dark feathers

- Yellow Ochre from Model Air for the backside


Drybrush over with GW Sylvaneth Bark/Tyrant Skull

The white feathers were washed with 3 different browns from Vallejo Model Air from the lighter to the darker ones.  


I'm really just an apprentice so I need to quote my sources. For the inspiration I watched this tutorial. For the feathers washes this one was very useful. 



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