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I've made quite a few different cake toppers for some of the videogame fans out there.  A lot of them prefer to feature the bride and groom holding videogame controllers or such, but sometimes we go a bit further.

Here are a few cake toppers featuring elven bride and grooms that I've really come to enjoy.  As with all the cake toppers I've made, these are completely custom built and customizable- the couple chose the poses and all the details.




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On ‎28‎.‎03‎.‎2017 at 5:38 PM, odinsgrandson said:

By the way- I don't know for sure with either of these couples, but I do know that some of my clients cosplay for their weddings.


One dude sent me photos of himself in huge steam armor.  Way better than a tux.


Honestly, anything is better than a tux.

Except possibly wearing a skin-tight wetsuit when you're 'a bit overweight'.



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Actually, the dude with the pointy ears and the green clothes is named Link. It's the princess that's named Zelda. 

(I should know, I've gotten stuck in almost every Zelda game ever made, including the 'Faces of Evil' on the CD-i )

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