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    • By Rigel
      A wonderful piece of pulp adventure terrain, suitable for the Serpent Men of Valusia, the Yuan-Ti or Lizardfolk, or any game with dinosaur cults or a reptilian civilization. @Glitterwolf might find this useful--and it's a very painter-friendly sculpt.  

      For scale, we have a 28mm Kirangozi and a 32mm safari explorer. 

    • By Jay
      I nicknamed him "Billy"

      I lined the elder sign then painted a thin wash over it trying to get a good glow effect.
      I thought it came out well. It really needs more contrast though.
      It was solid white when I started so I can't complain too much!
    • By Chris Palmer
      Just quick post to let folks know abut these stencils I picked up in my local Dollar Tree this weekend.  They are in the school supply section.  i thought they might be really useful for applying decorative painted patterns to temple floors, walls, pillars, etc...
      I forgot to include a ruler, but they are about 6 inches square.

    • By Chris Palmer
      When scouting the local Dollar Tree this past week, I saw this sand mold of the Sydney Opera House.  It's part of a collection they have along with other world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, and Leaning Tower of Pisa.
       I thought it looked like it might be useful as some sort of Sci-Fi industrial structure, like a large generator, pumping station, or engine of some sort.  

      So, after glueing on some bits, and painting this was the outcome:

      IF you want to read more about the project, and see some more work in process photos, please see my blog: 
    • By Chris Palmer
      I was in my local Dollar Tree over the weekend, and noticed they too had jumped on the Fairy Garden bandwagon.  
        The have an assortment of blister-carded figures, of which this set of mushrooms seemed the most useful.  There was also an assortment of poorly sculpted fairies, and another assortment of cartoonish animals.

      They also have a selection of buildings, like the twig and leaf gazebo above, and those shown below.  As is typical, they are a little soft on detail, but may be spruced up a bit with paint.  I may go back and get one of those mushroom houses to see if I can improve it a bit with a proper paint job.

      They also had an assortment of artificial succulents that would make good judge foliage.

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