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Reinforced Concrete Bunker: 3D printable terrain


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Hello people! i would like to show the modular set of 3D printable terrain (WIP) that allows to build  generic concrete defensive positions.

Core sets:

Set 1 *Modular walls to make enclosed bunkers (roof should be made of cut hard paper/foamboard) + enclosed concrete nest

Set 2 *Modular perimeter walls + dragon teeth/anti vehicle + small concrete nest

Set 3 *Turret Bunkers: 1 body with 3 different weapons (180mm artillery, single and double  60mm AA turret, and 152mm AT/anti building turret)

Set 4 *Auxilliaries: radars, diesel tanks, diesel generator, secret doors/trapdoor and ilumination/reflectors


To come (as stretch goals):

*Laser guns, telescope options for the turret bunker (set 3)
*Small remote controlled vehicles for set 1

*More options for the "Set 4" small turret.
*Fortress walls modular set (set 5)


NOTE THAT:  there will be "brand new" and a damaged version for each part, both versions coming together in each kit/set.


Kickstarter preview page link will be shared in few days ! :)


3D preview:













Printed and painted prototypes.








Showing the "simple U lock" system that holds the modular walls together


Set 4 is done! :


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The preview link:



Some picutres with size comparison:












I wanted to notify that the Kickstarter campaign is officially starting this Monday 10th.




The campaign is live!! :)



Funded & "inside the turret bunker" information.



FIrst mini-stretch goal reached, thanks!




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