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Branna's Brigands-A Frostgrave Campaign


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So, I've finally found a friend who is interested in Frostgrave and we've got a campaign going!  We played several "practice" games with other warbands, but now we're ready to really enact a campaign.  We, of course, waited until we'd received our copies of The Frostgrave Folio so we could include captains.  I decided that the captain is my warband's actual leader and the brains behind the operation for the sake of the narrative.  First off, let's meet the warband!


"This had better be worth what I'm paying," the auburn-haired warrior said to the odd fellow with the foppish hat.

"Oh good heavens yes!" the foppishly-hatted fellow said waving his arms flamboyantly around.  "Felstad!  City of wonders, mystery, enchantment...and other adjectives!  It's thawing!  If you can get there before other looters...I mean...historians, the treasures and riches of a past civilization of magical mavericks is yours!"




Branna sighed to herself, and handed over the bag of coin.  She hated to part with such a sum, but tried to consider it an investment:  pay money to make money.  She knew she'd need a band of followers to share in the excursion, and she'd already started her recruiting.  Reliq Burrows, pirate-turned-thug-for-hire, and Dell Furth, the skittish archer, were already on board and were sitting a table away as she secured the map.  After all, it's always smart to have back-up around in case deals like this go south.


Next, Branna needed more hands to carry off loot they'd find.  She knew exactly who she wanted to target for this.




"Hmm, sounds dangerous," said Jaffy Lightfoot, the Halfling thief.  "Yes, much too dangerous.  I prefer my safe, urban setting where plenty of pockets make themselves available for the picking.  Yes.  I say no."

"Huh, coward," chuckled his taller companion, Ella Shar.  "Good luck getting out of your next scrape when someone catches your hand in their pocket and I'm not there to bail you out.  I'm going with Branna."

At this, the Halfling started making some odd sound at the back of his throat.  It wasn't quite a gagging sound, nor did it entirely sound like whining.  Ella had gotten used to it, and gave Branna a wink as she knew this sound indicated that Jaffy was weighing the options, but would ultimately side with her:  as always.

"Fine," he said with a sigh, "but I'm going to regret this, I'm sure."

"Of course you will," Ella replied.  "Regret is one of your many great skills!"


With a couple of treasure grabbers on board, Branna knew she'd need some magic.  After all, one does not wander into a land of wizards without bringing one or two of your own.  She'd known some great and impressive wizards in her day.  Unfortunately, the only ones available, were...well...these ones.




"So, hot stuff, come to take me up on my offer?" the obviously fiendishly blooded fellow said, his voice dripping with self-confidence.

"No," Branna replied, and launched into a quick explanation of the quest before he had time to try throwing yet another of his bad pick-up lines her way.  V'Roth Forcahl had quite the reputation as an overly-confident ladies' man.  Strangely, his meek and timid apprentice, Sylvania Efilbrooke, never seemed to be one of those ladies.  In his interactions with her, he seemed caring and almost fatherly.  Strange qualities compared to his usual gusto and bravado.

At length, she finished her explanation.  Sylvania looked at V'Roth to see how they'd respond.  The tiefling laughed and said, "You know this is just your coy game to get in more time with me, Branna, but I'll play along."

"Excellent," Branna replied, then added, "it'll be cold where we're going.  You should find a shirt."  V'Roth simply laughed in reply and then flexed.


Branna was fairly happy with the band she'd gathered thus far.  However, a single archer and her own bow would surely not be enough.  Realistically, she could use another treasure grabber while she was at it.  That settled it, she was going to bring in the twins.




Venna, the sharpshooter with the crossbow, and Vesienne, the rogue, were quite a capable duo.  The drawback, they were excessively co-dependent.  A warband is ideally composed of members who will look out for each other.  Branna knew full well that either of the DeMoir sisters would forsake the rest of the warband for her sister.  Still, as long as she deployed them together so that looking out for each other worked out in the band's best interests, she was certain she could use their devotion to her own advantage.  Branna was, indeed, skilled at war, but she also knew a thing or two about managing people.


With the rest of the band in place, she approached the one member she truly trusted and the only one she saw as her peer.

"They're a jumbled mess of outcasts, but I think we can use them to our advantage," she said.




Then she leaned in and gave her warhound, Fang, a scratch behind the ear.  "Just stick with me, big guy," she said, "and we'll finally hit our big payday."


And with the band assembled, the only thing left was for Branna to give them a name:  Branna's Brigands.




V'Roth, Sylvania, and Jaffy are unaltered Bones minis.  Branna and the twins are HeroClix minis I've altered (Branna was a gender-swapped version of Valeros, the iconic fighter from Pathfinder).  Fang and Ella are rebased minis from MageKnight and HeroClix respectively.  Dell is a Bones skeletal archer that I converted by adding Green Stuff.

In terms of additional characters, the barmaids are minis I sculpted.  The foppishly-hatted fellow is the result of some kit-bashing I did and arms I sculpted (he's the mini for one of my Pathfinder characters named The Traveler).  I made all the terrain pieces including the bar tables (and I still need to finish painting them).

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The First Foray into the Frozen City


Branna and her crew arrived in Felstad.  The map was at least effective in getting them where they'd intended to go...now she simply had to find enough treasure to make this gamble pay off.


As Branna and her band crested a hill, they saw some of the city laying out before them.




From her vantage point, she pinpointed where some likely spots might be to find treasures.  Of course, having a couple of eagle-eyed sharpshooters helped with that process.

As they started into the city, Branna divided up her forces.  She sent V'Roth with Ella and Reliq.  With herself, approaching the middle of the city, she took the twins and Fang.  Sylvania approached the city from the northernmost of their formation and took along Jaffy and Dell.

It was not long before they discovered they were not alone.


Realizing that foes were nearby, Branna gave the signal to V'Roth and Sylvania to start cast shield spells.  V'Roth's first move was to shield Branna, and with his next spell, Vesienne the thief was shielded.




"That's right, ladies," V'Roth crooned, "you know you like having my magical warmth wrapped around you."

Branna did not dignify that with a response.

Sylvania's first attempt to cast shield faltered as her nerves were definitely running high.  After a moment of catching her breath, she managed to cast shield on Jaffy and they moved forward.  Jaffy moved down a narrow lane headed for a treasure knowing that an opposing apprentice and archer were coming from the other direction.




By a stroke of good fortune, the opposing warband was seeking higher ground to get a different treasure.  Jaffy laughed in delight, then silently admonished himself as he tried to sneakily move off with his treasure.

It seemed little conflict would be happening in this area.

In fact, things were rather quiet on V'Roth's side as well. 

The middle area, however, was a warzone.  Branna, Fang, and the twins surged forward towards the opposing wizard (an illusionist) and her lackeys.  Fang and Branna moved in to attack the man at arms.




With a mighty swing, she felled him and moved toward the enemy thug.  He was similarly dispatched.

As Branna and her crew moved forward, reinforcements arrived for the illusionist.  A warhound came charging forward.




That warhound proved no match for Fang.

While the fighting was going on, no one had taken notice of Vesienne grabbing a treasure, heading through the illusionist's fog wall, and heading off. 




It seems Reliq and Ella were having similar good fortune.

However, Branna's Brigands would see their fortunes take a downward turn.

The illusionist had cast invisibility and cost Branna her most desired target.  However, that was far from the worst of it.




An enemy thug moved up and took Fang down.

Rage swelled through Branna and the world became a blur.




She swung wildly and took down the warhound's master:  the captain of the illusionist's warband.




Venna, despite being hired as a ranged combatant, had already drawn her dagger and was fighting alongside Branna.

Sylvania, having become somewhat bored with nothing happening on her side of the conflict, had moved over towards the noise of combat.

"This'll be funny," she giggled, and began casting.

Branna was not thrilled to hear giggling coming from a member of her warband, but when the final opposing thug, who had already been subjected to blinding light from V'Roth now fell under mind control from Sylvania, she had to admit it was pretty funny.




Sylvania commanded the hapless foe to move forward, directly into conflict with Branna and Venna.  He was quickly dispatched.  Venna jokingly referred to the collapsing building where all of this carnage had occurred as the "slaughterhouse," then ran off to find her sister.  Branna scanned the area, but could find no sign of the illusionist or her apprentice.  "Cursed invisibility spells," she muttered.  "Lets them run off like cowards."

Branna then scooped Fang up into her arms and rushed to gather with the rest of the warband. 

With a bit of tending from Sylvania, Fang was back on his feet and as good as new.




"Not a bad haul, eh?" Reliq asked as they looked at they looked over their loot.  They had managed to make off with four out of the six treasures they'd spotted.  All together, this yielded 500 gold crowns, a magically enhanced staff (+1 fighting), a candle of summoning (which would not prove useful anytime soon), a scroll of awareness, and the greatest treasure of all:  a scroll of restore life.  Branna made sure to tuck that last scroll away in a safe place and gave V'Roth very specific instructions that he was to use that scroll on her and her alone.  To cement that deal in place, she gave him the magical staff.  It seemed a rather cheap price to pay for ensuring her survival.

As the sorting through loot came to its close, Jaffy and Ella came back from scouring the area to report they'd found a suitable base of operations.  It seems a nearby inn had not fallen victim to nearly as much damage as some of the other buildings. 

Branna thought to herself that an inn might be ideal.  In fact, it would have enough room to accommodate more members for her band.  Actually, she had exactly the new members in mind...


V'Roth and Sylvania ended the adventure with exactly 300 experience points, and thereby, achieved level 3.  Branna managed 50 experience points from taking down 3 foes (Venna dropped one of them) and from participating in and living through the adventure. 

On the other side of the table, second level was achieved for the wizard and apprentice and 10 experience points went to the captain.  The fallen soldiers all made a full recovery.

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Great warband intro and first report, Pippin!  I'm so happy to hear you found yourself an opponent and have begun a campaign!  And I agree with Gargs' comment; it's cool to see a Captain in charge!   


I may have missed it, but I don't remember seeing what school of wizardry V'Roth and Sylvania belong to?

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4 hours ago, Gargs said:

Excellent write up!  Particularly like the idea that the Captain is the true leader of the warband.

Thanks!  I rather enjoy the Captain-as-leader bit and have been wanting to take this approach ever since I heard about Captains, but I was waiting to buy the Folio...which is pretty awesome, by the way.


4 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:




1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

Bravo, sir, bravo!!

I like the background story for your warband and each of it's members, as well as the first battle report. Good stuff!

Good luck on your next expedition into the frozen city.

Glad you're enjoying it!  I wanted to give each of the characters a bit of...well...character.  Otherwise, it's just a bunch of Star Trek redshirts and no one really cares if they live or die.


50 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

Great warband intro and first report, Pippin!  I'm so happy to hear you found yourself an opponent and have begun a campaign!  And I agree with Gargs' comment; it's cool to see a Captain in charge!   


I may have missed it, but I don't remember seeing what school of wizardry V'Roth and Sylvania belong to?

Oh yeah, school of wizardry.  That kind of matters, doesn't it?  They are thaumaturges.  Yep.  Basically clerics, if we're thinking in Pathfinder terms.  Buffing and healing seems the right role for magic in a Captain-dominated warband  :=)

Oh, I'll take this opportunity to remind you of my earlier comment about how your half-orc elven inquisitor would make a great captain  ;=)


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Statue Moving Over There?

(For this adventure, 6 statues were placed on the board.  Each time a treasure is collected, a 6 or 4 sided die is rolled to determine which statue is activated.  The statues use the large construct stats and follow standard monster rules.)


After the first foray into the frozen city, Branna and her band found themselves inhabiting an old, abandoned inn.  Given that they had more room, and more gold to entice more help, Branna decided it was time to expand her warband...after she invested in the finest kennel she could get for her beloved Fang.

Branna's first new addition was a curious elven fellow she had met through The Traveller, the odd fellow who'd sold her the map to Felstad in the first place.  Deviem Nuk, the elven fellow, was not much in terms of being a warrior.  Rather, his skills were more cognitive.  He was an alchemist who specialized in creating healing elixirs.  Branna decided that this elven fellow would be convenient as her own personal field medic, an occasional flanking buddy, and another set of hands to carry off loot.

Hired on an apothecary

Next up, Branna wanted to make sure young Sylvania was protected.  The young apprentice had definite skill, but just seemed very fragile and vulnerable.  To this end, Branna called in a favor.  Back when she had been part of the defense for the kingdom of Skalinsgard against the goblin horde, she had saved the life of a Templar by the name of Brother Khald.  Khald had promised to repay that kindness one day, so Branna called in that favor.  "Your job," Branna instructed him, "is to keep this young mage alive or to die trying."  "It will be my honor, milady," he said with a bow.

With a band now twelve members strong, Branna decided it was about time to head back into the frozen city. 

The inn plus the kennel allows 12 members including Fang for those of you questioning the math.


Before setting off with the band, Branna sent Jaffy and Elle out to scout ahead.  They came back with reports of an area that appeared to have valuable items laying out for the taking, but each seemed to be placed on some sort of pressure plate.  The rogues worried that taking these treasures might come with an extra helping of danger.  Well, no risk, no reward.




In order to cover more ground quickly, Branna split up her band.  With herself, she took Elle, Deviem, and of course, Fang.




She also asked V'Roth to cast a spell.  As the magic washed across her, Branna could feel her body change as it surged with might from the demonic presence.

"And if that's any indication," V'Roth said with his usual leering bravado, "our children will be gorgeous!"  Instead of her usual eyeroll, Branna felt a sudden surge of anger and desire to kill.  She'd have to make sure she kept this fury under control so she could direct it at her foes.  After all, a warband would be hard pressed to keep following a leader who might slaughter them without warning.




Sylvania, accompanied by Brother Khald (her new bodyguard) and Dell Furth the archer were the first to learn about the pressure plates.  As a treasure was lifted somewhere in the area, a statue on the battlements above them became animated and dropped down behind them to attack.

Brother Khlad immediately moved to defend his charge, but Sylvania wielded her staff and stood toe-to-toe with the statue.  Even Dell, after shrieking in fear like a little girl, drew his dagger and moved in to attack.  They quickly dispatched the construct. 

The construct was not the only foe coming their way, however.




The enemy captain along with a man-at-arms and thief captured another treasure, and consequently, animated the construct standing beside the man-at-arms.

Meantime, the demonically possessed Branna, the alchemist, and the warhound moved forward to intercept the enemy thief who was escaping with the treasure.




He was toppled in no time and Deviem began retreating with the loot.  Fang was sent along to keep him safe.

As the man-at-arms kept the construct busy, Branna moved in and dispatched the rival captain.




She then turned her attention to the construct.




And with the construct out of the way, she could focus in on the man-at-arms.  Finding himself outnumbered and already weakened by the construct, he put up little resistance to the demonic captain.

However, as another treasure was recovered elsewhere on the field, the statue right by Deviem began moving to pursue the treasure-laden alchemist.

Fang moved in to protect him...




and the warhound was toppled.

Branna, unfortunately, was focused elsewhere as the illusionist's band was trying to secure another treasure.




On the opposite end of the battlefield, V'Roth's band had stopped yet another member of the illusionist's band from escaping with a treasure.




And after that, he had moved on to reek havoc with the illusionist's troops as they tried to escape.



V'Roth's laughter could be heard ringing through the air as he threw blinding light spells at his foes and Venna blasted crossbow bolts their way.

On another part of the battlements, they could see Jaffy grabbing another treasure for Branna's Brigands.




In a final move, Branna and Brother Khald moved forward to take down yet another construct, but Branna was frustrated yet again as the illusionist cast invisibility and escaped.




Back at the inn, Branna and her crew began going through the four treasure chests they'd managed to secure.  In addition to the 210 gold pieces they'd recovered, they found three potions:  teleport, speed, and invulnerability.  Additionally, they discovered three grimoires:  slow, reveal death, and elemental bolt.  But most importantly, they found that Fang made yet another miraculous recovery.  Fang the wonderhound would live to fight another day...after he cozied up in his kennel and enjoyed warmth, food, and belly rubs in the comfort of the inn.

Of course, now that the inn was starting to double as a storehouse for treasures, perhaps it would be necessary to hire on some more help and leave one or two members back to guard the base.  She'd ponder that even as she debated whether it was worth the time investment to have her mages learn spells from the grimoires.  Then again, that would make sure that V'Roth would have less free time to harass her...


Game two happened about a month ago and game three is scheduled for about a week and a half from now.

My wizards have hit level 5 now and Branna has finally leveled up for the first time.  Captains do not level quickly.

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