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Domur, High Mage - Competition Mini

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I painted this for a monthly paint competition at my FLGS. There was a limit of eight colors. The WIP thread can be found here.


Hopefully, I will have result in the next week or so. Based on what was on the shelf, I am up against some really stiff competition.






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Excellent job, you got a lot of nice color contrast in there for having a limited palette.  Good luck!

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Just now, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Good luck!  What category are you in this time?

I went intermediate again. Although, I think the eomployee that took the mini put the advanced color sticker on the bottom. He also completely forgot to ask me fo my list of colors. Good thing I thought about it while wandering around the shop and before I left.

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32 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Very good work on him!


Good luck in the competition!


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38 minutes ago, primeval said:

Nice work - love the colors and book page especially!




I put freehand on the other side of the book too, but it can't really even be seen due to the angle. Oh well.

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    • By EldritchEladrin
      This year is the year of giving miniatures as birthday gifts to the friends I game with. One of these fine fellows--my oldest and dearest friend--has a birthday in a couple weeks. He loves magic-users and is obsessed with Harry Potter, so I painted up a 25th anniversary Domur as a classic "Gandalf the Grey" style wizard for his present:

      Tried to layer the flames to give some interesting and pleasing texture. Let me know how I did.

      Also, given his love for all things Potter, I did my best to modify Domur's spellbook to a more familiar book cover...

      I'm actually surprised I could keep the brush steady enough for it to come across at all similar, to be honest.
    • By TheOldGuard
      Presenting Reaper's February 25th Anniversary miniature - Domur, High Mage.
      I got sidelined by a multiple dragon project recently so I'm a little bit behind with my 25th Anniversary figures project but I'm getting back on track now. I opted out of doing OSL on the spell effect & decided on something gaseous & non photonic (at least, that's the excuse I'm sticking to! ). I wanted to have the spell effect go through a distinctive colour change so I came up with a counjouring technique to explain it;
      First, Domur reads from the book, this causes a white inert harmless spirit to appear from the pages of the book. Then, as the spirit wafts closer to the magic crystal in Domur's staff, it takes in it's massive power (& colour) & becomes weaponised.........
      I used metallic blue paint to highlight the inner lining of the cape for an extra touch of wizardly oppulence. Finally, I've managed to sneak my favourite purple into the book cover - I'll be "shoehorning" this colour into all my Reaper 25th anniversary minis as a form of unification.










      2 Down, 10 to go.......
      Thanks for looking!
    • By Talae
      I am about ready to start painting this one for my FLGS's March painting contest: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Special%20Edition%20Figures/sku-down/01601#detail/01601_p_1_mp
      There is an added twist - I am limited to eight colors (primer doesn't count). I am thinking that the store paint job should be stayed away from as a color scheme in order to stand out.
      I like the idea of blue fire that goes from dark blue up to a near white. I also like the idea on a blend of one color to another from top to bottom of the cloak. Not sure which color(s) though.
      Any suggestions for the rest of it?
    • By gerb
      I thought I'd post my pics of how far I've gotten so far here too in case anyone is interested, feel free to give me some pointers, I'm a clueless newbie at this.
      I've left the fire for tomorrow because it's terrifying.


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