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So, being April Fool's Day, the Fish of April, as it is, I am starting this thread.



I did not complete ALL my goals last month, but I'm well on my way to completing quite a bit this month.  I'll leave it at that for now, as I do not wish to jinx myself.  My goal, as always, will be to finish three figures, and everything over that is bonus. 


On the table are roughly 47 figures between mushroom people, Anhurians, and Chaos Dwarfs.  I have some work to get done...

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Week 1: I have finished the first 3 minis on my list and currently working on the 4th. I have most of today to work on them and most of tomorrow as well. I'm optimistic that I will finish all of them

Try to get 4 figures done.    Only deadpool so far. 

I'm still in a repetition phase working through various avenues of learning figure drawing. Gesture, structure, anatomy, repeat.   This month I'm continuing my focus on proportions, which ha

I did not complete all my March goals either, but the only one I didn't get to was starting my entries for ReaperCon...


So, for April:


1.  Continuing toward goal for March/April RPChallenge

2.  ReaperCon 17 entries.

3.  Paint More!!!

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A lot of rollover from me as well, since, per usual, I went completely off the rails and did stuff that had nothing to do with what I'd intended to work on (I'm the only one that does that right?!)



- Spring Exchange mini - Finishing HLs

- 5 Iron Hand Space marines - Painted, but they need their bases done

- Frostgrave Warband Hedgehoglings - X2

- leaving open for the inevitable "oh shiny I need to paint this now!" mini

- work on planning Reaper Diorama entry!

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On 3/23/2017 at 1:49 PM, David Brawley said:

Bunch of rollover goals this month for me:

Finish D&D Chainmail Orc Druid (85% done)

Finish TARDISReaper's Phone Box (95% done)

Finish Goldar and his teddy (70% done) No Change.


Adding to the list:

Goblin Shaman - Hangout Figure of the Month (98% done along with 3 goblin warriors) DONE!

Frostgrave Troopers TBD (I need to sit down with my list and figure out what the Doctor's are going to want going forward)

**Picked the knight for this month. Roman soldier in progress, built, based, and converted - added a cloak. Now Primed

Scatter Terrain Not yet started. Abandoned 

Lich Lord OSL Challenge 90%+ done (not including base) DONE!


Okay, so... Not so great... lots of rollover goals. And given that I'm doing a bunch of packing in anticipation of moving, probably not gonna be a lot of progress this month. 


April Goals:

Finish Goldar and his teddy (70% done)

Goblin Leader (and 3 goblin warriors)

Roman soldier


6 figures... I figure I should be able to handle that... 

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6 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

This month I need to paint anything.  Really, anything.  Didn't even pick up a brush for all of February or March. 


I haven't painted anything since the election last November ... :unsure:


I've been gluing things together, though, and priming things.  I have hope again.

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I finished March's to-do list this morning. I now have a list of 22 minis that need doing (hopefully) before Bones 3 shows up. All for Shadows of Brimstone.

  • Serpent Grand Shaman
  • Sargent Bunker
  • Female & Male Outlaws
  • Female Gunslinger
  • Male Gunslinger #2
  • Male Rancher
  • Female Rancher #2
  • Female & Male Prospectors
  • Nun
  • Female US Marshal
  • Piano Player
  • Saloon Girl #2
  • Female Bandida
  • Male Bandido #2
  • Female & Male Orphans
  • Female Indian Scout
  • Female Sheriff
  • Female & Male Drifters
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In keeping with my yearly goals, for the month of April I plan to:

  • Paint my large Migo warrior for Call of Cthulhu
  • Paint two more  NPCs  for Call of Cthulhu
  • Paint one PC for Call of Cthulhu 
  • Paint a miniature safe for various games
  • Paint this month's Mithril miniature (It will probably be another Gandalf.) It was Gandalf

> My 2017 goals are:

  • To paint enough Sci-fi miniatures to play the game Future Tales. ( none so far)
  • To paint the remaining figures to fill out my Frostgrave base forces. ( 2 so far)
  • To paint character figures for the remaining characters in my Call of Cthulhu campaign. ( 7 so far)
  • To paint mythos creatures for my Call of Cthulhu campaign.  ( 7 so far)
  • To paint the graveyard terrain from Reaper's Bones 3.  ( when I get it)
  • To paint three entries for painting competitions this year.  ( I painted one for a contest that didn't happen. Doh!)
  • To paint one Mithril figure each month. ( On track with four)



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April goals:

-finish Dwarven Forge KS3 terrain

-finish a monster type for Myth (probably skeletons)

-paint Sir Forscale to replace the one I sent Reaper

-paint Cthulhu Wars minis

-complete a Goblin 7-Day Challenge

-complete the competition mini for April at my FLGS (to go along with the other two I have finished this year)


Note - I will not complete all of these things. I hope to complete more than one, though.

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April will include some rollover from March

  • Work on DDS2 terrain.  It is currently stashed in a cabinet to protect it from dust while I do other things.
  • Finish Ellen stone.  This is quite doable, if I just sit down and paint.
  • Finish cleaning Evil Fox.  Started the last week of March, but she will take quite a bit of work to get ready for painting.  This is largely due to a few bits that I'm just going to have to break out the greenstuff for.  Also, I would like to do a small modification but that will require me to do some actual sculpting.
  • Back no more games on KS*.  Actually an easy one considering this is the first year I've backed two games.  I think I can restrain myself.
  • Be super selective with miniature KS*.  Harder than the above, but made necessary by too much of my budget going to KS and leaving very little for retail.  I want to work on my wishlist.

* Exception allowed for KS that includes an existing catalog already on my wishlist.  April allows me to back the Blacksmith Miniatures KS & remove the company from my wishlist as I can add what I want from their existing catalog to my pledge.

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The following are my April goals. If any of them get done, I'll be happy, although I would like more than one finished goal this month...

  • Complete the build for 03427: Halbarand, Cleric. I accidentally broke off his right foot when trying to remove the base with heavy cutters - I forgot how to work with metal at some point :mellow:. That'll have to be reattached and green stuffed to fix the damage which will be easy but a huge waste of good hobby time. I then remembered how to work with metal and sawed off the base with a razor saw. The only things left to do for completion are scraping away the mold lines on his body, fixing his foot, gluing his hand to his body, and putting him on a 25mm Games Workshop base (I've got so many of those suckers...). All that work could get done in a night but not today.
  • Finish painting 02621: Laurana, Sorceress. I was going to put her in Simple Green to strip the paint off of her as I didn't like her skin when it was completed but my wife told me not to. Everything besides her skin needs paint so she could take some time.
  • Keep hacking away at my solo game. Maybe the magic system will get completed this month - who knows?
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It looks like my main goal this month is going to be to work on 1/72 scale plastic Viking-style barbarians, for a "campaign in a box" initiative.  My brother is after me to paint some Ral Partha stuff for Gencon, and the club Frostgrave game is always just around the corner, but I think it's going to be 1/72...

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My goal is to actually paint this month, so far I haven't touched a brush.  Just came back from visiting the old country, so recovering from jet lag.  Also, at work we got a huge contract signed for my program just before I left, so I am scrambling to get everything planned for my team to go work it.  So I have been working longer hours and feel totally spent when I get home.

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Eep! I didn't finish a single thing from March! I have a ton of stuff I've gotta do this year, to the point that I am organizing this month by week....


First week of April:

- Finish drawing "thank you donations" DONE

- Finish sculpting "thank you donations" soooo close!


Second week of April:

- Finish Spring Exchange!


Third and fourth week of April:

- Quit avoiding my cosplay and really put some work into that armor!

- Start finalizing my ReaperCon ideas


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I'm still in a repetition phase working through various avenues of learning figure drawing. Gesture, structure, anatomy, repeat.


This month I'm continuing my focus on proportions, which has been paying pretty good dividends already. I also want to do some spotlight work on hands, I'm sorely in need of learning them. 


Since I won't finish my oil portrait in class, I want to finish it at home. Previously I just called it done with a rushed finish. This time I'm too far to rush it, so it's a good excuse to learn how to finish without the model, using photo reference.


I also have reset my studio from painting setup to drawing, and reset my still life table. Need to get back to regularly studying still life in charcoal.


I really do want to paint some minis, and have several on the desk. Just can't find the time with my focus on drawing, and with the summer comes chores, chores and projects. The shed needs a whole new exterior, so it's siding, windows and roof for me. Plus the garden, basement, repairing the stucco siding, it never ends as my homeowner peeps know!

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      The year is halfway over! What do you want to achieve this month?
      Here's my list:
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      - Finish editing photos from last November >.<
      - Paint Bones Sphinx (by August 4).
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      --Finish Painting Triceratops Mini for Twitter Exchange Organizer.
      --Pry myself away from my Nintendo Switch long enough to do these things.
      Now what are yours??
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