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5th Annual Reaper Forums Large Model Challenge, Rules and Discussion

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We had a lot of multiple winners this year.  Per the rules, you may only win one prize per year.  I tried to give everyone their highest ranking for their prize winner.


40-99mm wide/tall (Reaper only)

16 entries:


1st Prize:  Eyebeast (Metalchaos) 

2nd Prize:  Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (Kuche) 

Random:  First of Dragons (robsontpm )


Top 3:

Eyebeast (Metalchaos)
Mummy (Ghool)
Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (Kuche)


100mm+ wide/tall (Reaper only)

16 Entries


1st Prize:  Ma'aldrakar (Sirithiliel)

2nd Prize: Pathfinder Red Dragon (T'hain Esh Kelch) 

Random:  Narthrax white (wdmartin) 


Top 3:

Ma'aldrakar (Sirithiliel)
Her Greatest Treasure (Pochi)
Pathfinder Red Dragon (T'hain Esh Kelch)

Diorama (Reaper Only)

8 Entries


1st Prize:  Dragons Don't Share (Pochi) 

2nd Prize:  Space Lord (LarsM) 

Random: If a Tree Falls (InvisibleThumb)


Top 3:

Dragons Don't Share (Pochi)
Kaladrax and the Wand of Death (Metalchaos)
Bearly a Mouthful (Sirithiliel)


Non Reaper models and Busts over 40mm wide/tall

18 Entries


1st Prize:  Blood Bowl Troll (Ghool) 

(Only one prize was donated so far)


Top 3:

Blood Bowl Troll (Ghool) 
Shieldmaiden bust (SGHawkins09)
Giant with Hammer (Ghool)


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