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2017 Annual contest Single Figure 40mm - 99mm Reaper entries

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This is Queen Shaernagathu - I came up with this name as it's the 3 parts of the figure that I kit-bashed together to form this figure. The body of Queen Shaerileth, a tentacle from the well of doom and the snake bottom half from I don't know which snake or creature (I believe it was a Reaper Snake or Snake Person), I found all 3 parts in the melt bin during ReaperCon 2016. I sculpted the sea life myself and the statue is another reaper figure.


The front of this figure is NSFW so I'll post some a couple links and a couple of SFW pics.


NSFW front view


NSFW view from the right


More pics can be found on the show-off thread.

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Here is my 02712, Eyebeast sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I added two eyestalks from 03440, Creature Components II on its head. And to complete the base, I used parts of a 06132, Skeletal Swordsmen sculpted by Kevin WIlliams and a Bull skull included in the 03153, Bongani Savage King set sculpted by Bob Olley.









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14528 Rageclaw Slayer


















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77100: vanja, fire giant queen by werner klocke. This is my version of vanja, hope you guys like her ::P:




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    • By TGP
      This is just straight up sad from every angle.
      The reason it gets my attention is that many of us have visited this location. This happened on the parking lot attached to the venue ReaperCon used two years running.
      It may have spilled out of a high-school party held in that same event Center. (That tidbit was in the TV news this evening.)
      (Btw, The URL title/headline was not as accurate as it could have been but I guess that is an artifact of early less than accurate reporting. Woman is not so accurate: Amya Alane Batie was just 16.)
    • By Vacaroja
      I put two entries into the recent Reaper Facebook Convert and Paint contest. This first one didn't get many votes, which doesn't surprise me as I think not too many people knew what it was and it was on the weirder side. Plus the paint job itself was kind of bland.  But I like the idea of it because of what it is. It is a tikbalang - a malevolent, mythical Filipino creature that leads travelers astray or plays tricks on them. It has a horse's head, a bony body, and long, disproportioned limbs.
      I used these minis to make it.  The wendigo's head was chopped off.  Then I took the head of the Silverhorn, removed the horn and did some filing and sculpting to get it to join properly to the body of the wendigo. Very minimal green stuff use outside of filling seams; I filled in the wendigo's hooves, which were cloven, and rebuilt a bit of the mane so it joined smoothly with the rest of the body. 

      And I saved the body of the unicorn.  At some point I'll have to convert it into a centaur!



    • By Pochi
      Non Reaper 40mm+,  Bust, and Diorama entries only.  No more than 4 images per entry please.
      No chatter or questions, please.  Use the Rules and Questions thread. 
    • By Pochi
      Large Reaper based diorama entries only.  No more than 6 images per entry please.
      No chatter or questions, please. Use the Rules and Questions thread. 
    • By Pochi
      100mm+ Single Figure Reaper entries only.  No more than 4 images per entry please.
      No chatter or questions, please. Use the Rules and Questions thread. 
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