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2017 Annual contest Reaper diorama entries

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Here is my entry to the 2017 Annual contest Reaper diorama category.

Kaladrax and the wand of death, turning those it slays into undead horrors.


I modified this first edition of 10012, Kaladrax so that it looks like he's giving an order pointing its left index at an enemy or direction.

I also converted the bones of the right hand and added a Wand of death in his closed fist.

The Wand of death comes from Reaper's 10005, The Court of Abyst boxed set.

On the base, I used natural rocks, Army Painter Wasteland Tuft and natural dry lichen as tumbleweed.


10012, Kaladrax the Dire Drake was sculpted by Jim Johnson.

The 03815 Skeletal Halfling, 03816 Skeletal Elf, 03817 Skeletal Dwarf and 03820 Skeletal Minotaur were all sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.













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My entry for the diorama contest is Dragons Don't Share. The ruins of Pompeii was my inspiration so I added frescoes, mosaics, and statues. Such a fun set to paint! Thanks for looking!













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