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Eva Punk by Ares Mythologic Draconia


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On 4/3/2017 at 3:00 AM, VolksFest said:

WOW!! The detail on this mini is just awesome! What scale is it? 


And how DID you paint the fishnets?! This is so uncanny! Wow again! Awesome mini in every sense!


She is 28mm scale. For the fishnets - First I glazed the whole area with super thin black paint like she was wearing typical black hose, then I used a super sharp-tipped brush with thinned black paint, and painted super fast little lines in one direction all the way around her leg. Then I went back and repeated with lines perpendicular to the first set. The lines didn't need to connect around, they just needed to be very consistent.

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Thanks for the compliments, guys. Especially about her face...it was tough. Her eyes, nose, and lips were barely there, super tiny, and her face is overall just a big flat rectangle. I had to shade some shape into it with purple and orange glazes to define the volumes that ought to be there, and paint outside the lines for her to have any facial features. 

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Jeeminies, this is gorgeous.  That face!  So ... facey.  It's a tiny masterpiece.  


I was wondering how you did it.  It sounds like you were almost liberated by the difficult sculpt and able to paint your own vision of a face.


This is 28mm?  I wouldn't have guessed.  It really is exquisite.

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