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So I mentioned working on a few old minis while I was also working on My Women in Horror Tribute... this is the thread for my continued work on those this spring.

The oldest is Dark Sword's Male Fighter with Spear. I got that for a GURPS campaign PC that fizzled out. I had done crazy magic blue eyes, and a very thin layer of green on the cloak, and then it's been sitting on the shelf since 2013. I haven't felt capable of tackling it. it's got tiny eyes.


Next I started working on the smaller of the fierce felines, to do some weird approximation of my cat Moose (in my profile photo). That was my first experiment with blue liner on a metal mini. Now I would mix in medium. Anyway, I had a blue and white base coat before it disappeared to the shelf. Here is where this started.


I don't remember when I started working on the Whispering Tyrant - it's after the other two. I had some armor and bone basecoats and a green cloak.


Mostly I just tried to do more on the green cloaks. I'll upload photos of where things are at after that first session when my phone is done charging.

I did some more work last night too, but I haven't taken pictures yet. I'll probably try to do some painting tonight too. Then a few days of silence.



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So I guess I was a bit wrong about how much was done.

Moose had some of the orange on his legs added. The darker bands didn't turn out. I also put a few coats of dusky skin on his fur.


Jehan the GURPS PC had base colors added minus the right arm that I noticed after taking photos.



I think they're both looking better.

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I've done minimal stuff (brown washes on the bone and leather) on the Whispering Tyrant since the photos I originally posted, but I think I'm posting him to show-off once I've done the base. Since I decided to work on the mini, I've redone the bone, done more layers on the cloak, done more layers of metal/armor, done the entire "vaporous" leg area, and work on the horns.

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