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Custom Mice & Mystics Foamcore Insert

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Mice & Mystics is a decent board game and a great one for playing with the family. Unfortunately, the box insert could not be more terrible. I didn't take a picture, but it is just one diver straight down the middle of the box. 


It is so terrible that I went searching online for a solution. After coming across a set of plans on BGG, I found that I was not alone in wanting a better solution. It took a couple of hours, but I now have a great game organizer. I modified things a little. Made a couple sections a little bigger, and added a flat piece to go on top of the components and beneath the tiles/rule books. 


Everything fits in the box, nice and snug with room for expansion(s) if I decide to buy some.


The first pic is the box opened, with the tiles and rule books I. The lid on the right. Note the cut corner on the foam board on the left:





This is what is looks like with the piece of foam board removed. Cards are sleeved. Room for lots more minis and a decent chunk more tokens:




Two of the card holders are half the thickness of the third. One of the half height holders removed here, as well as the token tray. Under the token tray are the ability and character cards:




Everything removed from the box. You can see how this will help with gameplay, as well as storage:


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 Are those the Amazon foam core? Looking nice. I see minis you need to paint. XD


How long did it take and any tips? 

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5 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

 Are those the Amazon foam core? Looking nice. I see minis you need to paint. XD


How long did it take and any tips? 


That's really neato! 


Same questions ::):

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I used the foamcore bought on Amazon, but you could easily buy it at any office supply store. It was less than one sheet.


The bottom of each "box" is poster board that I bought for $.97 at Walmart. Used less than a sheet of that too.


For glue, I used regular liquid Elmer's glue.


Not sure exactly how long it took. I didn't work on it nonstop. I would guess 2-3 hours.


Biggest tips:

- Use a sharp blade for clean cuts.

- Cut nice 90 degree angles so things line up nicely..

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Superb job Talae! Love the look of that black foam core. I've done Zombicide Black Plague and Blood Rage but it never looks as nice with the white foam core that I use. One day I'll catch that crazy sale on Amazon. 

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I should look at other games on my shelf to do this with. None of them compare with how terrible this insert was, though. Myth was close, but I made deck boxes for all the cards instead of an insert.

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