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Wall-Mounted, Lighthouse "Fairy Garden" :: Present for Mom :: A Thrym Construction Project

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Mom's Birthday Present 2017

Wall-Mounted, Lighthouse "Fairy Garden"


A while ago, I found a plank of boxwood for sale in Michael's.  It had a slight s-curve to it and looked cool.  So I thought it'd make a cool backboard to a hanging plant display.  Well as some of you can plainly see, it turned into a full blown construction project.  Checkout the full WIP for details on the planning, pieces-parts and what went into it.


The bark crested pot on the left is open for my mother to add her own "fairy garden" elements.  She's been talking it up for a while.  Now she has no excuse.  The top soil has moss that's been growing out back of my house for two seasons mixed in so it will regrow on the surface of the garden.


Plant life:

  • Top Left: Begonia Rex (Painted Leaf Begonia)
  • Top Right: Dragon's Tongue
  • Large Pot:  Rabbit's Foot Fern (you can see one of the "feet" sticking out)


The two buckets will likely require re-potting to larger homes and then she can place whatever she likes there.


Here's the completed project:






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