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1 hour ago, Darkmeer said:

Wow.  Those are most excellent!  They really are creepy and have a personalty that will just eat you alive! 


Thanks, Steve. They do have a certain creepy quality to them. I am glad you like them. 


31 minutes ago, OneBoot said:

I love how twisty gnarly they are! ^_^ And the little wee hermit tucked behind the mushrooms is adorable!!!



--OneBoot :D


Thanks for the reply, OneBoot. I am happy you like them. I'm planning on having that Little Minion show up in all sorts of places. Keep an eye out for him when I post.

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1 hour ago, CorallineAlgae said:

Amazing work! All of your pieces are so loaded with character and personality. You really know how to create a world all your own. Love these tree guys but I don't think I'd want to run into them in a forest. Scary! :unsure: lol


...one of the Folk who follow my stuff decided against an evening stroll through the park after seeing the Trees.

I am delighted you are enjoying my stuff, CorallineAlgae. Thanks for the kind reply.


1 hour ago, KruleBear said:

Suitably gnarly trees with attitude. 


Thanks, KruleBear. They do evince a bit of an attitude though. The reply is appreciated,

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36 minutes ago, ub3r_n3rd said:

Wuuuut?? I'd hate to be in THAT forest in the dark of night! :wacko: 


...Smokey has been seen handing out matches to the Kids in this Woods.

Thanks for the reply, ub3r. The morale boost is appreciated.

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8 hours ago, Pochi said:

Love love love! I love the fellow peeking out from the mushrooms as well. As usual, your work is creative, colorful, and inspiring. So much fun!


Thanks for the enthusiastic reply, Pochi. I am delighted you enjoyed the latest piece.

I ordered another pack of the Monk/Minion. He may become a trademark.


4 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

Another amazing addition to your world!


The trees are full of character and well painted to boot!

I love the little hermit, nobody is going to harm him!

He is safe, as long as the trees don't notice him...


Thanks for the kind reply, X. I am happy you like The Trees.

I think hit on the main survival technique for Goblins, Faeries, smaller Folk Lore Folk; that is: not being noticed.

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