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Mr Melon's Super Secret Reapercon Project

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8 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

It's turned out amazing, I would be proud to have my players eaten by this thing.

Still have to do a water effects pour down the mouth and onto the chest. Once I do that, then it's finish the last few scales and then work the OSL from the lava onto their body.

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Got just a little bit of work done on my Mag....I mean Goremaw.  I added some OSL onto the bottom of it and glued it into place.  I am currently working on setting up the water effects so that it looks like lava is pouring out of its mouth and down onto its chest.  Lots of pics inc....







I also (while at CMON Expo back in May) started working on an Iron Man bust and kinda abandoned that project for a bit.....but good news everyone!!! I picked it back up while I was waiting for water effects to fully cure. Here it is:








Hope you all are liking my Rcon entries journey....


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