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Mrs. M picks up a brush...and other tools.

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1 hour ago, MissMelons said:

I saw the Mr posted his project today so as I was off work I too "got to work" too. So I pushed this project ahead of schedule. If I kept pushing it back then Id procrastinate and it would neve


As usual, I had an idea. It was a shared idea for a personal project that I wanted to do. It embodied simultaneously the use of actual airbrushing, OSL on a bigger level that In comfortable with, more water effects with hopefully less drama and sculpting. 


So, I give you, the first steps to the Destroyer of Worlds. 0404171442.thumb.jpg.1eacb91617e5a3f310445ea85fb0c699.jpg0404171442a.thumb.jpg.cbfe653743d29c70e569181a780b6704.jpg

Theres a reason for the flourescent color, I promise. I still jad sunlight in the office so painting it was great. 


While that was drying I started on the base by applying a thick layer of water effects to cover the treasure.



Then I rotated back to the dragon, increasing the intensity of the reds.



Moar RED!!!




Close enough for now. For now.........ill admit I was an idiot and I went back over my base with black primer and highlighted in white. We'll see how it cures tomorrow. @[email protected] 




Now the painful part, my sculpting. Its not great but I do intend to go over it again tomorrow and peel back the middle part a little bit as I intend to do something more with thr chest. I am starting to see my idea unfold though.



I had some black primer left in my airbrush so I did a test on the scales to see if my idea will work.



Yeppp and it cut my work down by 40%. I'm still going to paint each scale individually but a portion of my goal is completed. Maybe Ill actually have this done before October. @[email protected] 


Maybe. I don't want to think about the wings just yet.

I seem to b e in the middle of this as well!


Lovely stuff!


Hope the water effect thing works out!

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3 hours ago, BLZeebub said:

Was kind of hoping you'd stay with the bright colors theme.  The body looked nearly translucent in the 4th and 5th pics up there!


Its a combination of experiments. The translucent idea for layering colors is what will be used for next yeats dragon as I would like to do an ice one that this will work wonders for. (Yes, that would be my third nathavarr id paint up. I really love this sculpt).

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Today was mostly a sculpting day as there isnt much I can paint until the foundation is done. So I bulked the chest up a bit more and pulled the plates back from his body. I also started on his jaw,


While I gave my brain a break I did start airbrushing where I think my OSL will go. The color is a bit too cold but gave me a good idea of where my shadows will fall.



The water effects did club as expected when jt cured, however I think that for a chemical error, this one turned out for the better. If I jntend to paint tbis as lava, its pretty close. 

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LOL! Yes, definitely Lava!


I took a break from sculpting today to do some painting. I started layering colors lightly on tge base to build up lava.

I sprayed orange then orange red then red and like a dope, didnt take pictures during the red phase so heres orange.




And yeah, that monstrosity in the back is my attempt at sculpting a jaw with teeth.




 I needed to make some depth with the lava so I took a dark red and started lining some rocks and edges. I'm still not entirely confident on this step but in hoping that once I go back over and blend, repair OSL and add bright whites and yellows where the lava is flowing the I'll feel better.




Painted in the rocks and added a little OSL to them. I wonder if I should pop the rocks more??





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