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3 hours ago, AEdge said:

Your best work to date. I suppose that I could say that every time you post. Beautiful work!

Thanks AEdge! It's funny how one always finds one's new favorite miniature, which is usually the last one one painted.  With this one though, she was kind of fun because I'm so used to painting Partha stuff which is usually considerably smaller, so for example her eyes were pretty easy to do because they were huge! And the eyebrows were actually sculpted on the figure so I just have to paint the eyebrows that already existed instead of trying that all so difficult line of eyebrow to draw on to the figure.  I usually get one eyebrow on my left side to work okay, but the other one I usually butcher and have to push some paint around to make it look decent.

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8 hours ago, CorallineAlgae said:

Beautiful mini and paint job! The skin in between all those straps looks so hard to paint but you nailed it. 

The skin actually wasn't that hard because I painted it first.  After that I went over all the straps in walnut brown for some definition, then after that put my base coat of oiled leather, then my washes and highlighting.  Then it was a matter of doing some more blacklining (technically walnut brownlighting) and then touching up some spots. 

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    • By 72moonglum
      Good evening all you Reaper Spirits!
      So just finished these two, that I think to belong in a single blister, but not quite sure.  Ral Partha High Elf fighters, a male and female.  With High Elves, I always have color issues, but end up invariably towards blues and grays.

      Just a few of a great number of elf figures Chris FitzPatrick sculpted for Partha back in the day!
    • By Samedi
      Here is the famous scene from Hamlet, reenacted by a vulture.
      Painting it was a bit weird: I started with a completely different color scheme in mind (cool whites, blues, gold), but somehow the mini wouldn't let me and I ended up with this version. I am happy with it, though.
      I am here to learn, so c&c is very welcome! Especially the second c!
      (Sorry for the picture quality, I don't have access to a good camera right now, is's just my phone).

    • By 72moonglum
      Hi all,
      just finished this one last night, hope you enjoy! Another really nice figure from Chris Fitzpatrick and his company Crocodile Games.  This was from their most recent Kickstarter if I'm not mistaken.
      Thanks for looking!

    • By 72moonglum
      So here is my rendition of a figure from Crocodile Games, Hecate sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick.  She's a bit bare chested, so you can see a shot of her front here:
      and here is her view from behind:

    • By 72moonglum
      So just finished this one last night, took a slight detour from the Ral Partha I've been working on for a while (or forever?).  With the last Partha Elves I did from the TSR D & D series, I really got into Chris Fitzpatrick's work, who sculpts beautifully, and got some of his new Olympus figures from his company Crocodile Games.  This one is the Oracle of Delphi from his last Kickstarter, where he is adding on to his Olympian Gods series.  Beautiful figures, and a bit larger than what I'm used to painting. I'm not complaining though, bigger canvas is a little bit easier to work with!
      Anyhows, enjoy!

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