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The colour scheme is very nice, despite being what was just on hand. The skin tones, the hair, the sheer stockings: all very nice indeed. Oh, and I think you've done a great job on the bottle, too. (I see what you mean about the back side but it looks to me as if it would only need a little work to bring it up to the standard of the rest.)

And because I hope that, when I finally get around to posting some of my projects again, people will offer some constructive criticism as well as praise, let me just say that I'd like to see a little more shading to help define the sweep from her neck to her right cheek. Without it, from that angle it makes her face look a little puffy.

Great job! I think you were maybe right to wait until you had some experience because I'd have to say that I'd be daunted by the thought of painting her, too.

Lovely mini. Is she a Reaper sculpt? (You've inspired me to have her sit on my desk for a few years, until I'm ready to paint her. :lol:)

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